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34% of the smartphone users are Apple lovers who are not willing to abandon their beloved Apple devices to come to the dark side. They are loyal to the brand, constantly downloading the newest and latest applications from AppStore. Our developers have a substantial amount of experience in Apple iOS app development, and can construct a mobile app that perfectly reflects your business concepts and ideas, while remaining competitive in the market. Moreover, through the development of a customized mobile app you will reach your specific target audience, meeting and exceeding customers’ needs and expectations.


Simplicity, stability and reliability are iOS’ software keys to success. With a lower number of devices to support, iOS mobile apps can be built and tested more efficiently, contributing to create a stronger and more reliable reputation. Furthermore, having less devices to support implies that your app needs to be compatible with fewer versions of the software, allowing developers to focus on details, perfecting individual elements and improving quality of the mobile app. We are going to transform your business ideas into a rock-solid product!


Customers’ feedbacks on iOS mobile apps are crucial as the popularity of the mobile apps depends upon the number of daily downloads, reactions, ratings and reviews from users. Constantly monitoring customers’ opinions, transforming the latter into meaningful inputs allows developers to adjust, improve and update iOS apps, ensuring even greater future success. Our professionals’ mission is to maintain and consistently improve your mobile app in order to keep up with customers’ demands and exceed their expectations, maintaining a strong and competitive position in the market.

Design and Development

When it comes to design and functionality of iOS mobile apps, it is no secret Apple users hold extremely high expectations. However, the need to frequently update the system allows developers to focus mainly on optimizing your app to support the latest iOS version, and having less devices to match with allows developers to focus on details, perfecting the design and quality of the mobile app. Our developers at Wiredelta know exactly how to meet and exceed customers’ expectations towards functionality and design through the stellar mobile apps they can develop.

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