Landing Pages

Convert visitors into brand new customers


Infomercial landing pages are a specific category of landing pages, differentiating themselves by their content and design, typically characterized by a medium-long text full of keywords, jargon and sales phrases. Through the creation of an extremely engaging content, infomercial landing pages aim to attract readers’ attention and to convert it into concrete interest and real commitment towards the offer. Their final purpose is converting visitors into real customers.


A microsite is a mini, auxiliary website typically associated with a company, but with its own separate domain or subdomain and own navigation, design and content. It is normally used by companies to support a single product, product line or fairly large campaigns for a defined period of time. As these high traffic websites only exist for the sole purpose of promotion, they don’t need the infrastructure of a permanent website. They normally adopt higher budget design and use quality photography to increase their aesthetic appeal and performance.

Product Detail

A well-known category of landing pages in the retail industry is the Product Detail landing page. As easily deducible from its name, a Product Detail landing page is a webpage positioned on the main website that gathers and organizes all the information related to the product or service being offered. The benefits of this type of landing page are that it makes the offer more detailed and appealing, and no extra work is required to create this kind of separate page.

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