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Creating a professional, functional and efficient website is not enough to succeed. Running a website in the smoothest way requires regular maintenance and attention to details, in order to both prevent issues and take advantage of all the further opportunities to improve its quality. It is also crucial keeping the website updated with products and services-related news and information, delivering users a better online experience. Regular maintenance also prevents websites to being hacked. At Wiredelta we offer a smart, flexible solution called “Maintenance Mode” that lets our clients take advantage of developers’ knowledge and skills at a minimal cost, paying exactly for the work performed. In web development, estimating time is a tricky exercise, especially for existing applications, and developers commonly add a generous buffer on their quotes to hedge their risk. Take the example of a simple task like WordPress CMS version upgrade. It could break the theme completely and the developer has to spend two days fixing everything, but it could also go super smoothly he will just need two hours. With a fixed quote, the developer will charge for two days upfront. With WD Maintenance Mode, you will pay for two days in the worst case scenario, and two hours in the best case scenario.


Creating a professional and appealing website, and regularly taking care of it are the keys to success. However, what would happen to your business if the web host accidentally deletes your website? What people are normally not aware of is that it’s not the web host’s responsibility to take care of websites backups. Therefore, in order to avoid this nightmare scenario, it is essential that everyone independently adopts a backup solution. Having an up to date back up in place is not only crucial to store all the website information, but it will also allow you to get back online quickly after a mishap. Moreover, backing up a website is the easiest option to protect it against viruses. At Wiredelta we offer what we call a “14 Days rolling backup”, a peculiar type of automated backup solution that allows you to stop worrying about the possibility to lose your website.

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