Spellbreak: 10 Pro Tips For New Players

Updated June 1, 2021 Wiredelta

Spellbreak is exciting and with these pro tips, you are sure to destroy your enemies and move towards victory.  Here are some Spellbreak aimbot to improve.


Grab a Belt as Soon as you Land

Along with the gauntlets that cast the spell there are three kinds of equipment namely boots, belts, and amulets that Spellbreak offers. All of these three offer some perks. Amulets help in boosting the mana, belts offer base armor to your health, and boots help in increasing the base speed. In the end, you will find out that the survivor has looted a lot of chests and grabbed some of the best equipment. Even a common belt at times can give you a few extra minutes letting you win the battle. So the idea is that once you find your belt ping any of the extra belts that are lying around to your team.


Make Use of the Practice Island

Many players jump straight to the gameplay as soon as they finish the tutorial. However, this may not be the best way to start. The tutorial just takes you through the basics. It is advised that you start with the Practice Island that gives the newbies a place to test their class, rune, and gauntlet. The Practice Island lets the players test out the various features of the game.


Begin with Just one Gauntlet

As a beginner you do not need to master every gauntlet. Start with playing around with each of them in the Practice Island to understand which seems natural to use. Once you are comfortable with one element you can then experiment with different playstyles and strategies.


Mix and Match the Gauntlet Later

Once you are comfortable with the main gauntlet it is then time to mix and match the gauntlets as per whether you are playing in a squad or solo. Each of the six elemental gauntlets comes with its weakness and strengths. The idea is to understand their combination and figure out what best works when playing solo matches and when you play in a three-person squad.


Use the Sorcery Skills Well

The idea is to not just fire off the spells but also use sorcery skills. When you are in a team fight you may find that you are spamming a spell to kill the opponent. However, when you use sorcery effectively these can work magic.


Be Mobile

Spellbreak offers different runes each of which has a varied mobility option for the player to use. While the flight rune will let the player soar high in the sky the dash rune will push the player in any direction when they quickly recharge themselves. Players should first get acquainted with these runes in the Practice Island before using them in the actual match.


Swap the Runes Depending on Where you are in the Match

Runes give amazing abilities to the players which lets them move on the map. However, there are some stages when a particular rune works out to be better. As a flight, the rune is perfect to be used in the early games. Pick and drop runes depending on the situation that you are in.


Do not Lead the Enemy to Your Squad if You are a Spirit

You hang on the thread of life as a spirit before you die. Call out to the enemy location and do not just run to your squad for reviving. This may lead your opponents to your squads hiding place.


By Heart the Map

There are many biomes and varied landscapes on the map that benefits the different elements. The desert is great for wind and fire but not so good for stones and it has tight spaces and many levels. There are spawn locations in each area of the map to keep the treasures and chests. Knowing your map well gives you a head start in the game and places you at an advantage through the battle.


Which Treasure is Important?

Better gears do not necessarily give you an edge in the game. There are only two major gear options that can make a difference if your skill level is low. The secondary gauntlet is the first that you should pick up. Two sorceries and spell options can make a real changer in a life or death situation. The next is the belt that you need for the armor. When you have extra health it will let you survive more hits. For beginner players’ with lesser skills, it pays to have this extra time that saves them from the damage and hits.



The hot new battle is where the players fly around the map in the form of powerful spell casters which can be overwhelming for any beginner. There are 6 elemental gauntlets, all of them different. Some experience systems unlock the talent which has the potential to change the gameplay. In simple words, Spellbreak has a lot to offer and there are many things that a new player has to decipher. With these tips, it is easy for any beginner to understand the basics fast and keep up with the game.

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