Surprising Industries Taking Full Advantage of Digital Signage

If you’re like most people, the last thing on your mind is signage, as you go about your daily routine of running errands and shopping here and there. But if you sit and think about it, without signage, you wouldn’t even be able to carry out a lot of your daily functions or interactions. How? Because there wouldn’t be any signs to help you carry out those functions.

For consumers, this lack of “signage awareness” is common. But if you’re a business owner, particularly to a brick-and-mortar establishment, the type of signage you have could be the missing link between a “packed house” and “slim pickings.”

Again, the type of signage you have is key to how effectively you can communicate a message to your audience, and depending on the industry you’re in, it’s going to play a major role in how well your message will be received. One trend in effectively communicating to your audience, whether they’re customers, clients, or employees, is by way of digital signage.

According to the Out of Home Advertising Association, research found that 55% of individuals who saw a digital sign or billboard were able to recall the specific message every time they saw one. That just goes to show you that digital signage sticks in the minds of consumers much better than traditional signage.

Digital signage is taking the business and marketing world by storm, and understandably so. Incorporating digital signage is one way that brick-and-mortar stores are holding their own weight against e-commerce stores. They’re captivating, attention-grabbing, and highly effective in improving the quality of customer interactions.

With the many benefits of digital signage, it’s pretty safe to say that many businesses are reaping the benefits. And surprisingly enough, these businesses are in industries that you might not have thought had a need for this type of signage.

Surprising Industries Utilizing the Benefits of Digital Signage

Restaurant Industry

Many restaurants use digital menu boards to be able to display menu information versus printing menus. One of the wonderful aspects about using digital signs in the restaurant industry is that it’s so easy to change as the menu changes for various celebrations, seasons, the switch from breakfast to lunch, or when certain menu items are no longer available. The use of these signs simply makes it easier to update menu information as well as making it easier to share information with restaurant-goers.

Religious Venues

As much as you may worship a particular faith, you can’t deny the fact that religion has a business side to it. Without the business side to it, how else would people have a worship venue to go to or how would they know about services without a bit of marketing?

The truth of the matter is that religion is an industry that not too many people see as a business, but it indeed is. Many worship venues are also utilizing digital signage outside their buildings to update members and passersby of service times, fundraisers, and special events.

Being that we live in a digital world where viral media is how to grab the attention of anybody, churches are even using digital signs to share creative and oftentimes funny messages with religious undertones.

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry encompasses many different events, venues, and activities but the one thing you will always find in the industry is digital signage. At concerts, you’ll see digital signage to show video feed to people waiting to get in the venue; At the movie theater, you might see digital signage to show movie-goers movies being shown and even various movie trailers of upcoming attractions. Amusement parks sometimes use them to show new rides or to capture facial expressions right before the big drop!


Many people look at the military as just a government sector but it is indeed more than that; some call it an industry in itself. The military uses digital signage for recruitment efforts. How many times have you been to a sporting event and saw military ads on digital screens? You see it all the time, and that applies to whether it’s a college or professional event. And it’s highly effective too. The digital signs allow military branches to show commercial-like ads to generate emotion in viewers; much more than what a traditional billboard ad can do.


Technology is changing every day and in areas that most people never even think about, like in signage for example. Long gone are the days when businesses were solely reliant upon traditional billboards and posters to grab the attention of customers and passersby… Today businesses are utilizing the power of digital signage! The above are just a few industries taking full advantage of its many benefits.

There have been numerous trends in technology that have made life easier for consumers and businesses alike, to effectively communicate with each other; and that applies to both brick-and-mortar stores as well as e-commerce stores. But you can’t deny the fact that using digital signage for businesses has taken many businesses to newer heights, especially brick-and-mortar stores with online stores as well.

Digital signage is ultimately an extension of a business’ digital brand in a physical environment, making it just as easy to convey the same message online as it is offline.

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