Favicon (from the English “favourite icon”) is a subpage icon, which was originally intended for better clarity of the so-called special bookmarks in the browser. However today, it extends its use and process, for example, to the top bar of the browser with open windows and tabs, to the browsing history, and the search engine. […]

What is the Doctype declaration?

The Doctype Declarations or Document type declaration is an HTML declaration that must be written at the very top of any HTML document. This should not be confused with HTML tags, as Doctype declaration, which is the short form for document type declaration, is meant to tell the browser or the validator, what is the […]

3 Things That Will Limit Your Costs When Building A New Website

Having your own website on the internet has become a very common thing in any kind of business. But one should be careful not to fall for overly expensive web development options, since building a website today can be really cost-effective. There are many factors that highly affect the cost of a website. For instance, […]