The Ultimate Guide to Web Hosting Providers

With almost 200,000 web hosts, web hosting is a crowded space. Getting a grip on what the best hosting for you to choose quickly becomes a complicated matter. This is why we make this comprehensive guide to choose your next web hosting.   HostGator HostGator is a Houston-based provider of shared, reseller, virtual private server, […]

3 Things That Will Improve the Speed of Your Website

In 2019, your website’s speed remains one of the most crucial characteristics you must have a handle on to be found on the internet. Your website could have a sleek design and robust functionality, but if it is slow, people are going to leave. Even intuitively it makes sense. Just remember that one time you […]

Wiredelta & Spiio – When Plants Meet Technology

Green walls, green roofs and interior plantscaping are becoming increasingly popular as the environmental benefits are astonishing. Additionally, a majority of people find them aesthetically pleasing. Commercial landscaping remains a staple of most businesses. However, for plantscapers, managing these plants across several locations and environments is difficult and costly. Spiio aims to save up to […]

Managed Hosting Supported by an AI

Is your website gaining more traffic and it looks like it’s running slower? Do you find it hard to dedicate time to maintain your website properly? Are technical and security issues kind of a bore for you?   This testimony taken from an IBM developerWorks blog post may sum up your frustration: “Things started going […]

3 Ways to Make Your WordPress Website Perform Better

As WordPress is an affordable, rich and user-friendly solution, it can quickly become fun and immersive to design your own website. With over 49,000 plugins and over 4,500 themes, you just feel like a kid in a candy store! No wonder why WordPress is so popular. Having said that, there are still a few precautions […]