Modernizing Your Retail Business with the Help of Technology


One of the biggest problems that retail businesses are currently facing is the growing reliance on eCommerce. Many people are choosing to do their shopping online through large chains rather than through local retail stores. eCommerce has grown in popularity in large part because it is a more convenient option. They were able to offer […]

How IoT Apps are Changing The Offline vs Online Retail Gap In 2020

When online retail first started going mainstream, it was revolutionary. Gone was the need to make the trip to a particular store when you wanted something. Provided it wasn’t urgent, you could sit at home, place your order, and have it delivered to your door in a matter of days. And as the years went […]

Artificial Intelligence in Advertising

Understanding human behavior is one of the key points for creating effective advertising strategies. This includes consumers likes, dislikes, interests, shopping patterns, etc. The technology of artificial intelligence (AI) systems is used to track information (shopping patterns) and create powerful insights into market behavior. As companies compete to put the right products in front of […]