How was Spotify Developed?

spotify logo

Today, more and more people are using music streaming services. One of the most popular ones is Spotify. Its subscribers have increased dramatically in recent years, and according to Statista, Spotify has 124 million premium subscribers worldwide. Spotify’s humble beginning started in 2006, it was founded by two good friends Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon […]

Kanban and the Power of a Big Board

The fascination in the West of Japanese concepts and trends have existed ever since the country opened itself to foreigners in 1853. One recent trend taking over Western workplaces is Kanban. However, this form of agile team management was not recently invented in some glitzy Tokyo skyscraper, but actually traces back to the early days […]

MoleculerJS Is Your NodeJS Framework For Microservices

MoleculerJS is a fast, modern and powerful microservices framework for Node.js. It helps you to build efficient, reliable & scalable services for your web and mobile apps. MoleculerJS provides many features for building and managing your microservices. These include supporting event-driven architecture with balancing, middlewares and versioned services.   You can find the full explanation […]