The Ultimate Guide to SSL Certificates

Nowadays, activities like online shopping are highly widespread among consumers, be it for the convenience or for health safety issues. As a result, more and more businesses are “upgrading” from brick-and-mortar traditional shops to e-commerce.   But, as this trend goes on, your users share different kinds of sensitive information with your business on a […]

What is an SSL Certificate

You might ask yourself what is an SSL certificate and why is everyone so crazy about them? Especially if you are a web owner, a digital marketeer, or a web developer. Well the simple version is, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is part of the standard method for establishing safe and encrypted links between two locations […]

Everything You Should Know When Choosing Your SSL

Nowadays, internet security and SSL go hand in hand.   We have already established why SSL is the future in our HTTP vs HTTPS article. A quick reminder, SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. In very simple terms it confirms your website’s identity to your visitors. With that out of the way, we want to […]