Top 10 Mistakes Backend Developers Make

Backend developers are responsible for building the structure and logic behind all software projects. They create the functionality behind our favorite apps, maintain and improve it all the time so we enjoy them without too many glitches and bugs. But, as uncle Ben put it, with great power comes great responsibility. And because of that […]

Technical Debt vs Financial Debt

In the business world, debt can be a positive implication when it reflects funding to solid investments, which will provide a greater return in the future. In the IT industry there is a term not known to many business-savvy people known as technical debt. As technology evolves and Software is Feeding the World, more and […]

The 3 Types of Technical Debt

You’ve probably heard the term being thrown around in group meetings, tech meetings or just casual conversations with colleagues. Technical debt is everything from the worst thing that can possibly happen to an IT department, to an efficient scare-tactic from outsourcing companies to ensure contracts keep getting prolonged. This is why we wanted to uncover […]