Wiredelta Raises Funding!

It is official!   We raised our first round of funding. Champagne!!!   The cliche catch-phrase “you only raise money when you don’t need it” couldn’t be more true. Wiredelta has grown tremendously since we set out in 2013 to transform volatile ideas into rock-solid digital products. Today, we work with some of the most […]

The 5 Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins of 2017

Are you a designer or a photographer, start-up or a small business, looking for the easiest way to build a WordPress?  Then try one of these WordPress Portfolio Plugins. A good quality portfolio page is definitely important for any creative person to get more business. Presenting your work on a portfolio page can be more […]

Wiredelta & AOC – Insuring Your Needs

Everybody enjoys travelling, right? Having a major chilling session in Bali or an inspirational tour to Rome can bring a lot of joy. However, you shouldn’t have your head over heels and you should be well-prepared for your dream journey. One thing is for sure, no one wants to have a medical emergency, especially in […]

Wiredelta & DTU Tropical Pharmacology – Revolutionizing Antivenom

What is your first thought when somebody says “tropics”? Most probably, you would imagine warm evenings and palm trees waving in a light breeze. Or sand beaches with crystal clear water. Lovely, right? Tropical areas are usually associated with paradise, but we shouldn’t forget that there are plenty of poisonous creatures, including snakes, too. Tropical […]

Wiredelta & TVI – Developing Human Potential

Indeed, investing in so-called human capital can turn out to be one of the wisest decisions an employer could make.    “The most important aspects of a company are great products, great service, great relationships and a solid reputation. Without great people, none of these can exist.”   Scalable skills and capabilities, strong company culture, […]

3 Marketing Tricks to Promote Your WordPress Website

Whatever business you may be starting, you simply cannot afford not having a website. Clients need to know about you and be able to contact you at any time. Do you have a website already? Great! You took the first step to success. However, there is one more thing:   “You can spend every penny […]

The Ultimate Guide on WordPress Plugins

With almost 50,000 WordPress plugins at your service, customization possibilities for your website are not far from being infinite.   Plugins are bits of code that you can easily install and implement on your site in order to add extra features. They can either be related to frontend or backend use. Some will help you […]

Wiredelta & Sennheiser – Upgrading Wireless Systems Made Easy

Exceptional times we are living in! With technology being developed rocket-fast, our lives become more hectic and agile. We tend to change our preferences and tastes as fast as new cell phones are being announced!   Our shopping habits do not stay stable too due to the massive variety of products and services entering the […]

Managed Hosting Supported by an AI

Is your website gaining more traffic and it looks like it’s running slower? Do you find it hard to dedicate time to maintain your website properly? Are technical and security issues kind of a bore for you?   This testimony taken from an IBM developerWorks blog post may sum up your frustration: “Things started going […]

Wiredelta & DRIVR – Connecting Taxi Drivers With Customers

While Uber has been one of the world’s most successful startups, it has also been accused of killing the taxi industry. An industry that employs millions of people globally. However, the taxi industry is not about to roll over and play dead. Today a bloody battleground is taking place at the full display to the […]