Speed up development

NodeJS and ExpressJS

Express.js is a web application framework for Node.js, and it exists to let developers build web applications and APIs. Whenever you deal with Node.js, Express.js is the server framework you need. Most of its features are merely plugins, so usability is particularly easy here.


Angular.js is a specific type of framework that automatically writes much of the code that you would otherwise have to write yourself. With an HTML-centric template, Angular.js allows for a seamless programming experience that basically does most of the work for you!


React.js is an open-source JavaScript library that offers a model in which subcomponents cannot directly affect enclosing components; it efficiently updates the HTML document when data changes; and makes a clean separation between components on a modern single-page application. It is currently being used by sites like Imgur, Netflix, and Airbnb, so why not get started and join the big leagues of React.js today?


Ionic employs Google’s Angular.js to create Push Notifications, instant app updates in the App Store, analytics, and more for a fluid and dynamic app development process. With Google’s next generation technology involved with Ionic, there is no way you won’t be dazzled by the results.


PhoneGap is the most commonly used framework for building apps with HTML, CSS, and Javascript on Apple and Android devices, Windows, and more. When in doubt, choose PhoneGap.


Bootstrap is an open source JS, CSS, and HTML front-end web framework that helps you to create beautiful websites and mobile applications for you and your business. For a quick jumpstart into web development, Bootstrap will help you visualize your early work.


Wordpress is a widely-used content management system (CMS) that helps 74 million websites and 126 million unique monthly visitors create business websites to match their respective visions. Regardless of whether you work in technology, medicine, agriculture, or art and regardless of whether you speak English, Danish, Chinese, or Arabic, WordPress can take care of all of your basic web design needs for whatever global audience you desire.


Drupal is a highly respected open-source CMS that is used by the U.S. government, Tesla Motors, MIT, and Harvard alike. Social media integration and the use of keyword-rich content management allows for an expansion of the companies’ audiences and higher exposure through search engine results. Also, this CMS is compatible with all operating systems and devices. I mean, c’mon, if the U.S. government and Harvard of all groups are using it, why shouldn’t you?


Magento is one of the most commonly-used e-commerce CMS’s, catering to thousands of top-level brands such as Ford and Samsung. Its services include product customization, different payment methods, shipping and handling calculations, and other customizable features to provide a seamless e-commerce portal for your business. It is also SEO-friendly, meaning that your business will increase in online visibility through search results. Mobile app options are also available. Want to roll with the best of online business transactions? Then join Magento.


Laravel is an open source PHP framework that is one of the most popular of its kind in the web development world. Perfect for e-commerce, Laravel will provide you with easy-to-program code to help your company’s profits grow exponentially!