ClickSSL: The Most Trusted, Reliable and Cheapest SSL Certificate Provider

With the advent of newer technologies, the risk of data breaches has also increased manifold. There has been an attack by a hacker every 39 seconds and around 2,244 times in a day. It leads to a considerable risk for businesses as an incident of a data breach can lead to loss of trust, lawsuits, or severe government penalties. The data accessed by hackers can be used to undertake several malicious activities. The global cybersecurity industry is projected to grow from US$ 112.01 billion (2019) to US$ 281.74 billion (2027).

Using SSL certificates as a line of defense

Businesses must move to an HTTPS site that will help them have encrypted communication with their web server and the visitor’s browser. It will make the message unreadable to any third-party who may gain access. You must get an SSL certificate from a renowned vendor to ensure the website’s safety and the underlying data. If you have an e-commerce website, you must adhere to the PCI-DSS guidelines that require you to install an SSL certificate.

Web browsers also have a mission of ensuring a risk-free internet. Google has a policy of flagging non-HTTPS sites as “Not Secure” that makes visitors aware that they are accessing a risky website. Moreover, search engines like Google also tank non-HTTPS sites of the search rankings. These are some of the other reasons why businesses must buy SSL certificates. In this article, we will talk about one of reputed SSL provider that has sustained the quality of product with strong backend support.

About ClickSSL

ClickSSL has grown to be a renowned brand among the players in the SSL industry. Since its inception in 2009, it has helped several businesses in their quest to have a proper cybersecurity module in place to thwart cyberattacks like phishing, MiTM, data sniffing. They are a platinum partner of several SSL Certificate Authorities like Thawte, DigiCert, Comodo, GeoTrust, and RapidSSL.
They rank among the cheapest SSL certificate providers and have a wide range of products from which their clients can choose. The website also has an SSL knowledge, which is essentially an FAQ on SSL certificates. There are a few easy-to-use tools, too viz. an SSL Checker, CSR Decoder, and an SSL Finder at your aid. They also have a Reseller program that allows partners to start their own business.

How ClickSSL wins over the competition?

Here are few reasons why ClickSSL.Net is the best for Buying SSL Certificates.

1: Variety of options

Not only does ClickSSL has a repertoire of the best brands in the business, but they also provide all types of SSL certificates to aid businesses in their quest to have robust cybersecurity protocols in place. They cover the entire range of cheap SSL certificates like Wildcard SSL certificates, Exchange Server SSL, code signing SSL, Multi Domain SSL certificates and many more. It helps their clients to go through the entire range of products and choose a product based on their requirements. Topping it off, you have these cheap SSL certificates at exciting offers and high-quality post-sales support.

2: Simplicity

The entire process of installation of the SSL certificate may not be easy. Starting from the validation process until installed on the servers, the whole process is smooth with the team from ClickSSL present to help clients throughout the process. The configuration can be painful, but here the provider ensures that the entire process is hassle-free with a detailed guide to help you. The service provider assures that the issuance, as well as renewal of the certificates, is smooth. Troubleshooting is also smooth, and the support team is always ready to help.

3: The best offers

Most of us are drawn to offers, and if we get them from premium products, the deal gets sweeter. ClickSSL provides some of the best offers and discounts from the houses of the best SSL certificate. You can visit the website for some of the best discounts and offers in the industry. There is a special section on deals that will list out the discounts and offers available with products from the renowned names in the SSL industry.  If you visit their website now, you may get an SSL certificate at up to approx. 79% of discounts on the best brands’ list prices in the business.

4: Speaks authenticity

Security and authenticity are some of the buzzwords of the SSL industry. You may stay assured that ClickSSL lists only the renowned brands’ certificates in the industry provided by only the respected Certificate Authorities (CAs). They value customer trust, and the CAs provide top quality products that are allocated only after a rigorous authentication procedure. The satisfaction of their clients is evident from the number of positive remarks and testimonials over the years.

5: Post-sales support

Post-sales support is a critical area for customer satisfaction. Clients may face issues when they try to install an SSL certificate, and therefore ClickSSL has set up a robust support infrastructure to take clients through the installation process. Clients can connect the support through a 24X7 live chat apart from connecting with the support team over email or using the ticket management system. The website also has a detailed guide to help the clients in the installation process. Clients also receive help in reassurance of the SSL certificate or when generating a Certificate Signing Request.

6: Refund policy

ClickSSL assures its clientele of the best-in-class servicing and provides cheap SSL certificates. In line with its assurance to provide the best services, they also have a refund policy if their clients are dissatisfied with their services. The unique money-back policy states that all SSL certificates are associated with a 30-day money-back guarantee if the product does not meet the client’s expectations. It happens to be in line with its policy of providing only the best SSL certificate and coupled with the best services across all the service providers.


ClickSSL is the cheapest SSL certificate provider, and its deep discounts of up to 79% is a real draw for its clients. They believe in providing the best products that cater to the latest security standards and a customer care team always around to help clients. It is your ideal partner to secure your business.

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