Top 10 SEO Techniques to Increase Rankings and Double Traffic! 

Every web master’s dream is to see the website reach new heights in SERP, getting the content featured as a snippet or much better, find the website amidst the influx of organic traffic and see the leads converted into sales. Sigh. If it were easy to get people to your website.  Cracking SEO and digital marketing techniques with Google and other search engines is like the tip of the iceberg. Trojan horse meets interpolation and extrapolation. But thankfully, at the end of the day, it is all science that meets arts midway. So, we know what can work! Here, we bring you top-10 SEO techniques that are proven strategies and not vague outlines such as write epic content or get backlinks. These SEO techniques for 2020 are actionable and bring you some tangible results. This article will also help those who are looking for digital marketing company for their upcoming projects.


1. Work on speed

Not only because Google loves faster websites but also because your audience doesn’t have the patience to deal with a slow website. So, the lesser loading and search time you have, better the chances of users staying on the website are. And if you still need some motivation to fix the loading speed of your website, here it is. Google levies fine on the websites that experience high bounce rates because of slow speed. In fact, page speed optimisation remains the top-most SEO and digital marketing technique for increased traffic. 


2. Go, Meta

Yes, Meta tags are your Most Effective Tactics Available. While it is a piece of common knowledge, you will be surprised how many of us just write for the sake of it. Pack your meta tags with short, sweet and crisp content and power keywords. 


3. A/B Testing

Only seventeen percent of digital marketing professionals are using A/B testing for landing pages. It is time to take the guesswork out of the essential thing that you are doing to bring revenues. 


4. Discounting voice search

According to this report, voice search is projected to be a $40 billion channel by the year 2020. And this isn’t it. More than sixty-five per cent of 25-49-year-old age-group of people prefers to use the voice assistant to search at least once during the day. So, if your target audience falls in the same bracket, you know what to do! 


5. Local SEO

The above step brings us to local SEO – the “near me” aspect of voice search. It is time that you optimise your website for local search and long-tail keyword-slash-sentences people use for voice search.


6. You are leaving out smartphone!

Argh! How can people do that? Most of us are “pot browsing” but leaving mobile search out of SEO strategy…not done! It shouldn’t come as a surprise that more than fifty per cent of web traffic is coming from mobiles and over fifty per cent of users have found a new company or product while searching on their smartphone.


7. Content. Content. Content.

Content is king, and when you come atthe king, you best not miss. An almost forty-three per cent of users have admitted to just skim through a blog.  The struggle to hold the attention of a roving thumb is eternal. You can use A/B testing, proper headline format, and with pictures.  By not utilising videos and podcasts, your content strategy is deprived of the beautiful art of storytelling- a current hit among the internet dwellers.  


8. Not understanding the intent

SEO isn’t about keywords. It is not about getting ranks either. SEO is about fulfilling the intent of a search conducted by a user or in simpler words,  to answer a question the user is putting forth. If your SEO techniques are failing this very purpose, ranking and traffic won’t be possible even in a distant future. As Neil Patel explains, you can go to Quora and figure out what users are looking for.


9. The keyword is “review”

Put your website under a scanner for a regular health review. Be it content, broken links or errors, health check of a website is vital to ensure that there are no gaps and leakage in your SEO strategy. 


10. Never underestimate the value of AdWords

AdWords doubles up as a brilliant keyword planner. AdWords can help you to find the keywords your competitors are banking on. This online easy advertising service can help you grow your business while giving you actionable insight into the keywords that your competitors are using to promote their products. So, you can use similar keywords to plan your SEO strategy. 


Hope these 10-SEO techniques will help you tap into synergy of search engines and users. Let us know which technique would you be willing to try and why! 

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