Top 10 Web Development Trends in 2020

The progress at which technology is evolving is changing, fast, and therefore following the latest trends is more important than ever. Many trends within technology are driven by the web, which is why progress within tech is highly dependent on web development trends. Some web development trends have started years ago but they still have to be taken into consideration in 2020 and beyond. Ignoring these trends will result in you and your organisation falling behind, allowing your competition to triumph risking yourself becoming obsolete.

Let’s have a closer look at the top web development trends in 2020 and prepare ourselves for what is going to happen next! We start with specific trends within web development, and then we broaden the scope to involve larger trends that are powered by the web but also moves outside of the digital arena on the internet.



Programming languages are the skin and bones of web development. The most common languages nowadays are JavaScript and Python. JavaScript has been the most used and recognizable for truly some time. However, Python has become a massive competitor over the years. 

JavaScript is a programming object-oriented language used for the creation of dynamic web pages whereas Python is an interpreted, high-level programming language that uses wide applications from web applications to data analysis. Therefore, it can be seen on different websites like Instagram, YouTube as well as cloud platforms. 

Features such as better-designed language which makes it easier to maintain as well as the ability to provide a huge standard library comparatively to JavaScript increase the significance and demand of Python. Consequently, it is expected to continue growing or even to become a leader against JavaScript in 2020.


Programming Languages projections of future traffic web development trend

Source: Stackoverflow



The progressive web applications is a web app that uses modern features in order to deliver a similar to the app experience. Therefore, users have the ability to benefit from all prospects without downloading an app. Likewise, they are appropriate for companies and organizations that don’t have the finances and opportunity to invest in a mobile app. 

Examples of PWAs are AliExpress, Forbes, OLX, and Pinterest.

5 Critical Reasons why businesses will acknowledge investing in progressive web apps in the near future:

  1. Speed: Faster loading time reduces server pressure. In this case, the web app will not crash or abate during a period of intensive traffic.
  2. Offline Mode: The offline mode allows the user to browse even without an internet connection. Otherwise, a user has to leave the platform.
  3. Updates: PWA can be fixed or updated without contacting the app store, which promises regularly system’s update.
  4. Security: The progressive web app uses the HTTPS protocol which prevents hackers from obtaining private information from the browser.
  5. User Engagement: By user-generated data, the decision-makers have the possibility to observe particular trends or customer behavior. Accordingly, the customers will be able to see the things that they want to buy.



A single-page application (SPA) is an app that works inside the browser and reduces reloading requirements. It is one page that is visited and then with the aid of JavaScript, it is loaded all other content.

These types of applications are accessible and avoid the waiting time for the user. Examples are Gmail, Google Maps and Facebook.


Example of Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Source: Gearheart.io


The benefits the businesses can perceive using SPA are high speed, adaptable layout, relevant and specific information, and easy to use and better conversions.

All these benefits mean that SPAs make up a top web development trend that will have a massive potential in 2020 and beyond.



The main purpose of using push notifications is to increase customer engagement. They allow sending regular messages, personalized offers, news, and reminders in order to reach and retain an expanded audience. Besides, action buttons can be integrated into the notification. Consequently, the user can cooperate with a website without going back to the web page. 

Most people know push notifications from the apps they use on mobile. Despite that, we now see how the same concept is taken to web browsers and browsers installed on mobile phones. This trend will continue providing tailored notifications across our web activity.


Wiredelta push notifications web development trends

Users solely need to give their approval in a single click to receive notifications as no installations are required. Consequently, push notifications can be sent directly to the user’s browsers without the need for building an app.

Although, it is crucial for companies to not use them thoughtlessly since that may cause an opposite undesirable effect. Here is a checklist with appropriate examples of when to use push notifications:

  1. New content
  2. Special deals
  3. Product launch
  4. Company news
  5. Huge discounts



The recurring problem of internal storage could be resolved through cloud computing. Google Cloud, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure are the best examples of cloud computing platforms. Through cloud computing, remote servers are able to provide the necessary storage space for the seamless functioning of an app that can be downloaded without affecting the internal memory of your device.

The cloud development trend for 2020 has a growing focus on multi-cloud and hybrid operations. We are already seeing the first case through Google Anthos, which combines multiple different public cloud services as well as public and private clouds toward the same purpose.


The development of cloud computing and multicloud brings many advantages:

  1. Security of data: Cloud computing makes backup which protects from loss of data.
  2. Cost reducing: The operational cost can be reduced be less maintenance and installation of equipment.
  3. Accessibility: Easy access to the data with the use of the internet as well as the ability to transfer files fast and secure.
  4. Mobility: Possibility of using files and data at any time and place through the device.


With the above five trends within web development, we now turn our attention to broader trends that the web not only affect, but is acting as the underlying driver for.



5G Connectivity

The world’s regulator of cellular communication standards 3GPP officially approved the first specification of 5G technology in Lisbon, December 2017. The following year has marked the boom of the 5th generation mobile network on the market. 5G will continue to expand globally and serve increasing communication needs for billions of devices around the world.

The expansion of the 5G network will provide up to 100x faster internet than normal 4G. 5G does not only come with high motion, but it also brings improved UX which makes it one of the super-advanced technologies among the industry. 


Internet of Things (IoT)

According to Statista, the number of IoT-connected devices worldwide reached 26 billion by 2019. This number is expected to skyrocket to a significant number of 75 billion IoT-connected devices by 2025.


Statistics web development

In regard to the rising demand for smart devices, web development is growing extremely fast accordingly. Through these highly advanced apps, we can interact efficiently over the internet and even control objects distantly from thousands of miles. IoT is going to have a wide variety of applications, spanning many different industries such as pharmaceutical, manufacturing, business services, media, etc.

There are two hot topic megatrends of IoT apps that will continue to develop the industry such as self-driving automobiles and smart cities.


Example 1: Self-driving cars

Let’s explore Tesla for instance. The autopilot allows it to retrieve the vehicle, change the street lines automatically as well as park it with a single touch. Moreover, Tesla’s hardware is adjusted to full self-driving performance in the future. The system is developed to provide a view of the world in every direction that a driver cannot reach alone as well as the detection of both hard and soft objects and additional data about the world such as fog, rain or dust. The 360 degrees of visibility is achieved by eight surround cameras while the disclosure of the objects by twelve updated ultrasonic sensors.

According to the reports, automation can reduce risky-behavior drivers as well as the number of crashes.



Example 2: Smart cities

Whereas, the smart cities are constructed based on information and communication technologies in order to improve the quality of life. It comes to generic services like transportation, security, mobility, health, reducing waste, harmful emissions, and overall costs. A good example, in this case, is Amsterdam. The government already uses smart traffic management. This technology provides real-time information about the roads based on traffic sensors and signals which regulate the traffic flow and helps drivers to choose the smoothest route. 

Due to IoT benefits and continuous development, it is expected to reshape the entire world. 



Artificial intelligence (AI) is an imitation of human intelligence expressed in machines and algorithms that are programmed to think and act like humans. Learning, reasoning, and perception are the goals that AI consists of. Currently, there is an extensive increase in the number of applications that is capable to recognize voices, analyze data and behavior, make accurate forecasts and take smart decisions. 

AI examples surround us all the time in our daily routine. Think about Siri, Google Assistant, smart home robots such as iRobot Roomba 980 (Wifi connected vacuuming robot). Another example is Netflix’s high-developed function. It tracks and analyzes customer interactions with each movie and therefore suggests precise choices based on its accurate analyses.



The picture below shows a forecasted cumulative AI revenue within different departments. As can be seen, the artificial intelligence is expected to reach great heights by 2025.


web development trends for AI

Source: Statista



In 2009, blockchain technology made a first official appearance. It is widely used in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Libra as well as non-financial purposes such as InterPlanetary File System which uses blockchain to link files together over the internet in order to decentralize the file storage. Since then, its remarkable transformation has been observed and the development of blockchains will continue growing indeed.

Here are some of the trends that we expect to face in 2020:

  1. Facebook plans to launch its digital cryptocurrency. Its blockchain network will be centralized, under the association’s authority, responsible for operating it.
  2. With the performance of blockchain through social media, it can be ensured that all published data cannot be duplicated. The users will store data more securely and protect their ownership. Therefore, that will solve scandals, privacy violations and data control problems. 
  3. The users will be able to use both private and public blockchain solutions through a Hybrid Blockchain. In other words, freedom and controlled access at the same time. The members will have the opportunity to choose who can participate in the blockchain or which transactions are public.



In today’s digital world where there are more devices than people, the usage of powerful cybersecurity systems is beneficial in order to protect the essential data, devices, networks, and programs.

As the world we live in becomes more digital over time, the attackers enhance more innovation. Therefore, the threats we face may have more serious damage. A good example can be the huge cyberattack in the city of Baltimore, in May 2019. Hackers had frozen many government computers and demanded $76,000 in bitcoin. The attack had affected the real estate market as suspending real estate transactions. Besides, the city signed a cyber insurance policy for $20M.

Website hacking, stealing a personal identity or information as well as companies’ portfolios and secrets can be some of the threats that the people and organizations will face in the future.

Considering that fact, companies should focus on strengthening and improving their security systems to protect their confidential information and keep the society functional. Furthermore, AI technology continues intensely development and application in the future because of its ability to identify and respond to the threats and block the attack before it spread.



Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation of reality that the user accepts as its real environment since Augmented Reality represents the user’s view of real-world by 3D models, videos and superimposed computer images. Through the past years, VR and AR showed notable growth and potential future development. A good example can be the development of wearable spatial computers is Magical Leap 1. It brings the physical and digital worlds together by combining 3D computer-generated imagery with real-world subjects through a head-mounted display.



Besides, here are some of the trends that the world will meet in 2020: 

  1. The healthcare usage of Virtual Reality will increase. It will be used to treat patients with anxiety disorders, phobias and help people with autism to develop communication and social skills.
  2. A super-fast 5G mobile network will give the opportunity to stream VR and AR data from the cloud.
  3. The educational experience will be improved as the people who study distantly will have the chance to learn in a cooperative team-based environment.

Keep in mind that future web development trends are continuously changing. Therefore we all have to observe, stay up to date and adapt ourselves to the new future. If you are eager to dive deeper, the book Software is Feeding the World may be your new challenge!


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