Top 10 WordPress Plugins of 2022 For A Fully Functional Website

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You don’t have to be “good enough”; You have to be great.

Each of you must enter the world of digital commerce with a specific goal. And If you are a digital marketer, you need to use plugins to improve your performance. So choosing the right WordPress plugin can make a big difference in your digital marketing.

Great plugins can help you with content strategy, SEO, site security, and even social media marketing.

Here, I have collected 10 of the best WordPress plugins to add to your website in 2022. but I’m based on the fact that you are familiar with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Let’s start!

1. All in One SEO – Easily Improve SEO Rankings & Increase Traffic

To sell your products, you have to put them in front of the customer. So SEO and search engine ranking is one of the most effective and important ways to do this. And the All In One Seo plugin can help you along this way.

The original WordPress SEO plugin

Unlike Yoast and Rank Math, the All In One SEO Pack plugin examines much more complete scores numerically, and you’ll find out exactly where you need to change your page to make things right.

This plugin is one of the top SEO plugins. If your choice is the All In One Seo plugin, you have a smart choice for combining features and experience.

All in One SEO features
  1. On-Page SEO Case Optimization
  2. Generate an optimal sitemap and send it to Google
  3. Unlimited SEO Keywords
  4. setup SEO in less than 10 minutes
  5. The site and social network integration
  6. User Access Control 

By installing this plugin, you won’t need an SEO expert.

2. iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

This plugin considers itself number 1 in the field of WordPress security. iThemes Security provides users with over 30 tools to enhance the security of WordPress websites.

The Best WordPress Security Plugin to Secure & Protect WordPress

On average, more than 30,000 websites are hacked daily. But iThemes Security tries to fix common security holes and stop automated attacks. You can activate all the security features of this plugin with just one click.

I recommend that you backup your data before installing security plugins.

Basic features of WordPress iThemes Security plugin
  1. Protection against Brute Force attacks
  2. Detect file changes
  3. Lock suspicious users
  4. Email notifications
  5. Use Google Captcha Services


Advanced features of iThemes WordPress plugin
  1. Ability to restrict the access of some users by IP
  2. Ability to rename the wp-content folder
  3. Database backup
  4. Hide and change login page address and wp-admin
  5. SSL configuration

So if WordPress site security is important to you, you need to implement security tips and monitor your website.

3. Dokan – a WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution to Build Your Own Amazon, eBay, Etsy

An online marketplace that manages itself. A great design, user interface, and fully responsive.

The pioneer multi-vendor plugin for WordPress.

The Dokan plugin makes everything easy for beginners because It is so automatic that you just have to browse the orders! And enjoy the most powerful WordPress multi-vendor system!

Reasons why Dokan Plugin is superior among WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins
  1. Commission payment system
  2. Vendors dashboard with many features
  3. Full product sales report
  4. Product rating and management system
  5. Dedicated shipping
  6. Complete documentation provided by the developer

It does not matter what product or service you sell in your store. Dokan covers you with all the products. So you can put any product or service you can imagine in this store.

4. All-in-One WP Migration

The All-in-One-WP-Migration plugin is by far the best in the world in WordPress transfer and backup.

WP Migration image alt: Move, transfer, copy, migrate, and backup a site

This plugin backs up your WordPress website with all its information such as database, media, templates, and plugins with just one simple click. And absolutely no need for specialized knowledge for transferring your site to another domain or local.

The site transfer process in this plugin is done in the form of drag and drop. (Just like drinking water). During the site backup and transfer process, there is an option that you can use to apply an unlimited number of searches and replace operations to your database.

This plugin also professionally fixes all serialization problems during search and replacement operations.

All-in-One-WP-Migration plugin features
  1. Ultra-fast ejection with just one click
  2. Insert drag and drop with just one click
  3. Easy support
  4. No restrictions on different hosts and operating systems
  5. Bypass all volume limits

This plugin is one of the most popular WordPress plugins with 4.7 out of 5 and more than two million active installs.

5. WP-Optimize – Cache, Clean, Compress

Using the caching feature alone is effective in speeding up WordPress sites. But when we combine caching with database optimization and image compression, the results and performance of the website and SEO are multiplied by a difference from other methods.

Boost your site's speed and performance through caching

No other plugins are available that can individually help you compress your images, optimize your database and cache your site.

You had to buy and install a separate plugin for each of these tasks in the past. No other plugin was available to do all of these tasks together. But the WP-Optimize tool has made your work easier.

You can now get all the above features. And you will no longer need to purchase and update various plugins constantly.

WP-Optimize plugin optimizes your database, speeds up, and ultimately increases your SEO score.

WP-Optimize optimization and speed up features – Three plugins in 1
  1. Database optimization, cleaning, and repair
  2. Reduce image size while maintaining quality
  3. Cache, preload, and scheduled upload


How the WP-Optimize plugin improves the performance of your site
  1. Impressive increase in site loading speed
  2. Database optimization
  3. Improve SEO rank
  4. Increase user traffic
  5. Reduce user exit percentage or escape rate
  6. Increase site rank in Google


6. MC WooCommerce Wishlist

There are many WooCommerce options. But MC Wishlist is one of the best WooCommerce and WordPress plugins available today.
MC woocommerce wishlist - add all Wishlist features to your website

It has often happened to all of us that when we are browsing a site, we see ‌ products, and at that moment, we can not buy them, but we want to move them to our next shopping list. It is where the MC WooCommerce Wishlist plugin comes in.

You will be able to analyze the interests of customers and the most popular products in its favourites list. Then Increase conversion rates on your website by automating targeted promotional emails and discounts based on the contents of your customers’ wishlist.

By allowing customers to share their wishlists with others, you will increase your sales. With this plugin, customers can easily find their favourite products and monitor prices, inventory, etc.

Discover what your customers are interested in with the WooCommerce wishlist plugin and be ready to meet their needs.

WooCommerce Wishlist plugin features
  1. Add product changes to the favourites list.
  2. Ability to share for guest users
  3. Allow users to browse the list of registered favourites and view their content.
  4. Ability to automate promotional emails to users who have added a specific product to wishlist or any other conditions.
  5. Show how the product price has changed since you added it to the Wishlist


7. Contact Form by WPForms – Drag & Drop Form Builder for WordPress

This plugin can be considered the most popular form builder plugin in WordPress history. 

WP Forms is one of the best WordPress contact form plugin

With the WPForms plugin, you can create simple forms such as (contact form and site membership form) and advanced forms such as (types of employment forms, registration forms, and personality tests).

WPForms plugin is great for creating multi-step forms and does not bother the user. Multi-step forms are forms that the user enters the next step after entering the information in the first step and completes the desired information.

This WordPress plugin has a lot of add-ons, so it has a lot of features.

WPForms WordPress Form Builder Features
  1. Build forms with drag and drop capability
  2. Intelligent conditional logic of fields
  3. Has an instant email notification system
  4. Upload files for WordPress forms
  5. Spam protection

Other features of the WPForms plugin include CAPTCHA customization, connectivity to MailChimp, and offline posting.

8. Elementor Website Builder

The most professional WordPress page builder and one of the best ways to design and build an attractive WordPress site.
drag and drop page builder, perfect pixel design, and mobile responsive.

With Elementor website builder, your design will improve, and you can create web pages faster and better than before. Using this WordPress plugin does not require special coding and skills. All you have to do is drag the elements and drop them in place.

Elementor plugin features
  1. Create live forms
  2. Functional and universal widgets
  3. Ability to add CSS code
  4. Create beautiful and fast slides
  5. Build WooCommerce pages


9. Slider, Gallery, and Carousel by MetaSlider – Responsive WordPress Plugin

Images and sliders are one of the best tools to attract users. So by adding good images and activating the right slider, they will draw users’ attention to what you want!

The best slider, gallery, and carousel plugin for WordPress.

Finding a good slider with good features among many plugins is a challenge. I recommend the MetaSlider plugin. Because it is a collection of 4 great slider plugins, each of which is one of the best slideshow plugins.

MetaSlider plugin includes Nivo Slider, Flex Slider, Coin Slider, and Responsive Slides plugins, each of which is one of the best slideshow plugins.

MetaSlider Features
  1. Shortcode for embedding sliders in different parts of the site (posts, pages, and widgets)
  2. Multi-site WordPress support
  3. Smart cut slider images
  4. Ability to add links and descriptions to each slide
  5. Lightweight JavaScript for slideshows
  6. Countless options and effects of adjusting how slides are displayed


10. Popup Maker – Popup for opt-ins, lead generation, & more

This plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins for popup making. You can design beautiful popups easily. This plugin has various tools to add images, videos, and links to the popup.

Using popups are a great way to increase your site's conversions

And also, you can display any popup you have designed in different site positions with a shortcode.

Popup Maker top features
  1. 12 different element blocks to configure a popup window
  2. Display copy code with one click
  3. Enter the iFrame and HTML elements
  4. Ability to specify the shape of a rectangular or round popup window

Popup design with the Popup Maker plugin is easier than what you have seen in other related plugins.


These plugins are, in my opinion, the best plugins that every WordPress site needs. As mentioned, these plugins provide basic features, improve site SEO, optimize speed, increase security and help sell your products.

A final word – Some webmasters are accustomed to using plugins for everything. But you should note that depending on the structure, each plugin imposes a processing load on the host, leading to excessive consumption of resources. Accordingly, before doing something, research whether it is possible without the plugin or not?

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