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Top 100 Most Popular British Websites (.uk) in June 2021

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Updated April 22, 2022 Wiredelta

As another month goes by, we are rolling out another update for the top 100 most popular British websites!


Throughout this article, you can expect to learn about the latest changes and updates on businesses from various sectors within the UK market. The purpose is to ensure we deliver the most recent and relevant information to you.


With the help of our website analysis tool, we will look into the digital performance of the best companies on the British market and find out which aspects bring them success. We take several factors into consideration, such as loading speed of the website, which is the measurement of how fast the content on your page loads, or the presence of an SSL certificate.


One important thing though is to remember that page speed should not be confused with “site speed”, which is the page speed just for a sample of page views on a site.


Not only you get an overview of how British companies achieve exceptional digital performance results, but we will also provide you with the fundamental performance metrics that are important and need to be thought of when it comes to your own website. On top of that – can you think of a better way how to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors?


Now it is time to dive deeper into the analysis itself – in order to get to know the best-performing websites in the UK better, along with becoming familiar with their practices and the performance results in general. Let’s get started!


Key take-aways in June

Top 3 UK websites

The top three highest-ranking websites among the 100 most popular British in June were Santander UK, GOV.UK and University of Cambridge. In the beginning, we already observe some differences, as the third position has changed, compared to March.


Top 3 best performances UK


Santander UK, for one, which is a multinational financial service company and is the 16th largest banking institution in the world, is still in the first place. In March, Santander recorded an overall score of 91 and a loading speed of 0,53. This month, however, they recorded an improvement in both, as they registered a score of 94 and a loading speed of 0.46s.


The official website for UK’s governmental information and services was given 2nd place again this month. Moreover, they saw a slight drop in their score, as it shifted from 85 in March to 83 this month. On the other hand, the average loading speed saw a significant advancement from 0.44s in March to an impressive 0.07s this month.


The third place was taken this month by the University of Cambridge website with a score of 83, with a loading speed of 0.91s.


Top 3 sectors

In an impressive turn of events, all of the winning sectors from March have remained the same – just the positions have shifted. Not only that, but some of them also kept their average scores, which is incredible!


So, the winning sector this month is once more, Finance, undefeated since December! Even more so, Finance recorded the same score of 77.63 as last month and an average speed of 0.83s, which is good news – compared to the 1s recorded in March.


Finance is followed by Retailing, with an average score of 74 and the average load speed being 0.5. Here we can see the change, as the second place in March was occupied by Motor Vehicles & Parts sector.


Average Score By Sector


Our third winner is Motor Vehicles & Parts with an average score of 74, but the loading speed in this month has increased a bit from 0,63s in March to 0.71s in June. In fact, the loading speed was a decisive factor between the second and third place, as both sectors achieved the same score.


However, even if the dominating sector this month was Finance for the fourth month in a row, the best loading speed result still does not belong to this sector. This is clear proof of how each algorithm and each key factor works together towards an overall score.


In fact, the fastest speed belongs to the Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure industry. So, what we can learn from them is to try and improve every aspect of our digital platforms, and not focus just on speed or SEO.


Top 3 insights

Now that we know what the absolute threshold is, it’s time to look into the market’s standards when it comes to scores, loading times, and SSL certificates.


The reason we focus on these three metrics specifically is that they tap not only into what Google sees as important criteria, but also what your users look for – authority, speed, and, of course, security.


In other words, companies should focus their efforts on catching the user’s attention and retain their visitors on the website for as long and possible. This means that your users should feel that they can trust you, and feel like their data is safe with you.


But, also, they should not have to wait for an eternity for your content to load and become intractable. So, what are the standards of the UK market?


 1. The average score for the British websites in June 2021 is 70.94 – slightly higher than in March

In March we recorded an average overall score of 70.66 for our selected British websites. This score is slightly higher this month, 70.94.


This shows that even the best of the best websites still have a lot of improvement to do but this also means that the current average score is an achievable goal. So you can easily upgrade your business’ digital performance and be among the top players by performing the right optimization actions.


There are of course other factors that determine a website’s success in ranking:

  • Strong performance
  • Mobile optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • SSL security enabled


As we mentioned the importance of user experience, there are two key metrics that play a great role in this matter. These are the Security and loading speed which we will get back to later on in this article.


 2. The average loading time of the most popular British websites changed from 0.96s in March to 0.88s in June

The page speed insights for this month revealed that the overall loading time for the top 100 most popular British websites is 0,88s, slightly faster than the speeds in March. However, compared to other markets we tapped into, the British market seems to be among the fastest markets this month.


Average Loading Time By Sector


As the score for this month is a very good one, we should remember the number of various factors that affect it. As loading speed directly affects the business “bottom line”, let’s keep in mind what can be done in order to maintain outstanding results forwards.

  • Optimize and compress images as much as possible
  • Minify your JavaScript code
  • In the case of long pages, defer loading some of the content until users begin scrolling
  • Make sure everything loads as quickly as possible by reducing or removing any non-asynchronous requests.


For the sake of maintaining a good load speed, you should be updated on how your website is performing within the following categories and whether it is possible for you to supplementary improve and optimize it.

 3. How secure are the top 100 UK websites when it comes to basic SSL certificates? The answer is only 97.9% of the total 100 – which is good but could be better


SSL certificates are a crucial part of every website, as it protects user data and secures user communication with your servers. For these reasons, Google downranks websites that do not comply stopping them from achieving a perfect (or good) rank.


In a nutshell, Google’s efforts should push more and more websites into adopting at least a basic – and affordable – SSL certificate and start protecting their users’ data. So, the question here is, how many of the top 100 most popular UK websites actually comply with this standard?


UK websites that Have an SSL Certificate


The good news is that 97.9% of the most popular UK websites do comply with Google’s rules and have implemented an SSL certificate on their websites. However, there is still over 2% that have not yet done so.


Is this a score affected by a simple mistake, where a website owner simply forgot to renew their certificate, or is it simple denial, where they think an SSL is not needed? And if so, will these websites change their ways in the coming months?


We will have to wait, check again next month, and update you on that.


Until then. these three detailed insights along with a lot more useful information we discovered can be found in our Top 100 UK websites review. Consider the information above as an introduction to the key to successfully ranking your website as the top British players do.


We invite you to get familiar with our full report and get access to a goldmine of information that is just one click away!


Current Score
1Santander 94
2UK Governmentgov.uk83
4University of
5University of 83
6The 80
7HSBC 80



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