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Top 100 Most Popular German Websites (.de) in February 2021

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Updated March 29, 2021 Wiredelta

Welcome to another Wiredelta report, where we focus on the most popular websites! This month, we have a new addition to our list of popular markets, which focuses on the most popular German websites and how they performed during February 2021.


As with each of our reports, we take the most popular websites that originated from a specific market. In this case, we talk not only about German websites, but we discuss those sites with the domains .de, .com, .net, .org and so on, which are actually local to the German market.


So, for this report, we used Wiredelta’s website checker, to rank each website based on their loading speed, mobile compatibility, SSL certificate, overall score, and more. This way, businesses looking to compete in this market get an advantageous overview of their potential competition.


As you probably have experienced already, the world’s current situation has helped digitalization progress at a faster pace than ever. Companies that have never even thought of going digital, are now forced to embrace this “new” channel and adapt. However, these are uncharted waters for many out there, which is why we are here.


Every month, we collect, review and update our information to help both established digital businesses as well as new ones compete in a fair, educated manner. We collect average scores and speeds and other crucial factors, showcasing the markets’ standards and what businesses within that market should aim for in terms of performance if they want to stand a chance.


So, without further ado, let’s find out which are Germany’s top performers, what industries stand out, and what are the most interesting market trends one should be aware of.




Key take-aways in February

Top 3 German Websites

An interesting first observation was that all top three performers in the German market have ranked an excellent score of 85/100 on our analysis tool. So, as it is custom for us, we will use their loading speeds to break the tie. So, in the first place, we have Porche, from the Motor Vehicles and parts industry with a speed of 0.54s.


top 3 best performing german websites


Second place this month goes to Kenhub GmbH, a website within the Education sector focused on teaching medical students about anatomy with detailed graphs and a plethora of fun and engaging content. registered a loading speed of 1.03s.


Last but not least, the third-place within Germany’s top 3 performers goes to TradeMachines, which also operates within the Motor Vehicles and Parts industry, but focuses on a very different area compared to Porche.


This website, which this month registered an average loading speed of 1.16s – quite close to second place one might say – focuses on industrial machines and farming equipment.


Another interesting observation is that none of the top 3 performers are part of the Finance, Technology or Business sector, as it common to see in our reports. Which raises the question, which are the best performing sectors in the German market?


Top 3 Sectors

The answer to that question is the Motor Vehicles and Parts industry, the Education sector, and the Business Services sector. Once again, it seems that Finance or Technology did not make the cut this month, but there is always next time.


Going back to our top, the number one sector in February, the Motor Vehicles and Parts sector has scored an impressive average score of 78, with an average loading speed of 1.32s – tight on par with our top performers.


The second place in the top three sectors goes to Education, with an overall website score of 74 and an average loading time of 1.11s. And finally, the Business Services sector takes home the bronze, with an average score of 71.5 and a loading speed of 1.49s.


Not only that our third contender scored the lowest score of the three, but they also seem to be the slowest.


Similarly so, the two best performing sectors at the top also scored better when it came to mobile compatibility  – both the Motor Vehicles and Parts and the Education sectors had an average score of 80% – while the Business sector lagged behind once again with only 76.67% mobile compatibility.


Top 3 Insights in the German Websites Review

There is no question that the German market is an important market, especially if your business is operating in the European Union. Most of the companies in our top 100 most popular german websites list are international companies, therefore it is crucial to understand what the market standards are.


Moreover, your business does not have to operate within German borders to compete with German providers. Consider Amazon for a second. If you are based in Denmark or any other Nordic country, and you are a retailer of any kind, you will compete with both as well as, which we discuss in our UK report.


Not to mention that, due to the current COVID19 situation, more online business services have also broken the borders in a very unique way. “Traditionally”, even if an activity, such as web development or consultancy, could easily be done remotely, one would still look for a team that is located nearby, in case they wanted to meet face to face.


Today, however, meeting face-to-face is rather difficult, if not impossible, as each country had its own restrictions. As a result, companies looking for remote services are no longer restricted by location, in which case price or reputation comes into the decision-making process.


So whether you’re looking to expand in Germany, or your simply looking to stay on top of all potential competition, understanding how the German market performs is an important step.


That said, here are the 3 most interesting insights within Germany’s top 100 websites.


1. The average website score for German websites is 69.50 – very similar to the Danish average score of 68.37 and definitely achievable!

While a high score, 69.50 is not an impossible overall score to achieve, by any means. In fact, Denmark, for example, scored an average of 68.37 both this and last month. The reason why we use Denmark in this situation is of course their close proximity and their close competition.


So, for this purpose, it is interesting to see that the difference between the two markets is quite small. Which in turn, makes us think that if one wants to compete within these territories, it is an easy-to-achieve goal. All one has to do is focus on user experience and mobile performance – compatibility, responsiveness, friendliness, and mobile pagespeed.


DE Average Score By Sector


Why these areas you ask? Quite simple. Google’s new Web Core Vitals algorithm has put an accentuated focus on how a user interacts with our digital platforms. In the past UX was important, but great mobile performance was a must. Today, however, Google upped its game and their demands are even harsher.


So, not only that we need to make sure our websites and eCommerce platforms are fast and mobile responsive, but the entire user journey needs to be top-notch.


And as a web and mobile development agency, we understand it’s not as easy as it sounds. Where do you start, what are your first steps, what should be your primary focus? After all, optimizing your user experience and mobile performance entails so many areas, it’s easy to get lost.


However, tools like our Wiredelta web analysis tool, GTMetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, and so many more other free tools out there can give you the overview you need. In fact, each of these tools provides you with a full report, sometimes even providing advice.


Run a test on several such tools, gather as much information as you need, and then – and this is very important – talk to a specialist. This can be a freelance developer with experience in the technology you use or an agency, regardless, they should have the skills and knowledge to help you.


Do not attempt to optimize your website on your own if you do not have the experience. You will more probably than not break something, and reverting the changes will be a nightmare, if not impossible.


2. The average loading time of German websites in February is 1.28s – also very close to the 1.30s recorded by the Danish market

It is a known fact that Google recommends a loading time of 2 seconds for desktop and 1 second for mobile. As we can see, German websites are in the “Goldilocks” range, somewhere in between the highest recommended point – 2 seconds – and the lowest – 1 second.


DE Average Loading Time By Sector


This, if you are competing with German websites, should give you hope. Not only 1.28s is achievable, but if you are following the steps recommended above, it is also easily beatable.


However, remember that starting 2019 Google’s crawlers focus on the mobile loading speeds of our digital platforms, so don’t set 1.28s as your goal. Instead, try to optimize your website as much as possible, so you match Google’s 1s recommendation.


Once more, tools like PageSpeed Insights, and even our website analysis tools focus on mobile performance, thus bringing you all the information you need to succeed. Did we mention that these tools are free? Take advantage of them.


3. The average mobile compatibility score for German websites is 80.65 – if Google’s algorithms didn’t motivate you to focus on mobile optimization, this should.

Speaking of mobile performance, another reason for you to focus on this side during your optimization is Germany’s average mobile compatibility score of 80.65. So, you might think that your users are mostly desktop users and you don’t need to focus on mobile optimization.


That may be true, however, when Google decides on your rank, they don’t particularly take that into consideration. Also, there might be a reason why most of your traffic comes from desktop users and not mobile – if your website performs great on desktop, those users will always be happy.


DE Average Mobile Compatibility By Sector


However, if your website doesn’t perform that great on mobile so far, your mobile users will stay away from you. More importantly, if their experience was bad, the chances for them to come back on your website are slim to none.


In other words, you might have been missing a lot more traffic and a lot more business than you think. But of course, this is just speculation.


Regardless, one last thing to note is that the score is 80.28 out of 100, it is not 100%. In fact, only 6% of the website on this list have achieved a score of 100%, which should give you hope. This, as with the average speed, is an easy-to-achieve score.


What’s even better, mobile optimization is tightly connected to both speed and performance. Simply put, when optimizing your website for mobile, you will inevitably improve both your average speed as well as your mobile compatibility. In turn, these two scores will result in a better overall score. Like catching three birds with one stone.


But, remember that optimization doesn’t happen overnight, and your scores won’t change in the blink of an eye – it takes time for results to show. So, be patient, continue optimizing, and don’t give up. Eventually, both Google and users will notice your efforts and you will be rewarded.


Now, before we leave you, don’t forget to get your full report on the 100 most popular German websites in February 2021, there are plenty more insights in then than presented above, and of course, don’t forget to come back next month when we update the numbers!


1Kenhub GmbHkenhub.com85
2Trade Machinestrademachines.com85
4Canyon Bicycles GmbHcanyon.com83 GmbH & Co. KGbuecher.de83
7Conrad Electronic SEconrad.com80
8Alfred Karcher GmbHkaercher.com80
9BerlinOnline Stadtportal GmbH & Co. KGberlin.de80
10Onefootball GmbHonefootball.com80

1Kenhub GmbHkenhub.com85
2Trade Machinestrademachines.com85
4Canyon Bicycles GmbHcanyon.com83 GmbH & Co. KGbuecher.de83
7Conrad Electronic SEconrad.com80
8Alfred Karcher GmbHkaercher.com80
9BerlinOnline Stadtportal GmbH & Co. KGberlin.de80
10Onefootball GmbHonefootball.com80


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