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Top 100 Most Popular US Websites (.com, .org, .us, .gov) in January 2021

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Updated April 22, 2022 Wiredelta

Welcome back to Wiredelta’s most popular websites report! It’s a new month and we have prepared a brand new report for you in January 2021! Even better, today we’re also extremely excited and pleased to introduce you to a new category of the most popular websites – US top websites!


If you’ve already read at least one of our country reports, you know how it works, but here’s a short recap for those of you who just discovered Wiredelta’s country reports.


We have collected the 100 best performing and most popular US websites and then, using Wiredelta’s website checker, discovered the best of the best in terms of each website’s loading speed, mobile compatibility, SSL certificate, overall score, and more.


As our current lifestyle is turning more and more digital, it is now a known fact that businesses must adapt if they want to establish a stronger presence, surpass the competition, and even become recognized as the most popular websites.


Naturally, companies in the US are no exception, hence the US top websites report will reveal whether or not the US companies really are as progressive as many of us perceive them as.


In addition, the US top websites, just like other category reports, will be updated each month to observe how companies are improving and if the current leaders are replaced by the new ones. Eventually, we will be able to notice how concentrated the competition is and which factor determines the final results.


Without further ado, let’s find out which 3 US websites and sectors are the best of the best, as well as the top 3 secret insights that will surely surprise you!


Key take-aways in January

Top 3 US Websites

Are you ready to find out which websites got the top 3 winner pedestals as the most popular US websites?


The very best of the best is Wells Fargo, followed by T-Mobile, which is extremely closely followed by Archive of Our Own.


The overall top score is 88, achieved by none other than Wells Fargo – a representative of the Financial sector, which specializes in banking, mortgage, investing, and other financial services. The loading time of Wells Fargo is 0.36s.


If we compare it with the Global Websites‘ leader Zalando and its 85 overall score, the top US website Wells Fargo has slightly surpassed it with the overall score of 88.


Now, the competition between the second and third finalists has been especially intense and the final positions were determined by just 0.01s difference in loading time, as both T-Mobile and Archive of Our Own had the exact same overall score of 85.


T-Mobile just made it to the 2nd best spot thanks to the 0.28s loading time, while Archive of Our Own is still breathing down its neck with a 0.29 loading score.


The best of the most popular website in the US market are Wells Fargo, T-Mobile, and Archive of Our Own.


The interesting thing is that although T-Mobile’s and Archive of Our Own’s ranking was determined by the loading speed, Wells Fargo, whose loading speed had the lowest ranking of all three, grabbed the first spot thanks to the highest overall score.


Seeing this concentrated competition makes us very excited about next month’s results!


Top 3 Sectors

The best-performing sector this month is Telecommunications with a commendable average score of 81.67 and an average page speed of 0.65s. Telecommunications is followed by Finance with an average score of 78.60 and, surprisingly enough, it demonstrates a faster average page speed of 0.53s.


The third contestant is of course the crucial sector of Health Care with an average score of 76 and an average page speed of 0.4s, which is the lowest among all 3 contestants.


Probably the most interesting fact in the sector rankings is that Telecommunications, the winner of this month, has the highest average score, but the lowest average page speed of all three contestants.


This allows us to conclude that while the average loading speed is crucial and does help a website rank higher and improve functionality, it’s certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on the overall ranking system, so it’s important to see the bigger picture a website’s functionality.


In addition, Telecommunications becoming the very top sector proves that it’s a highly competitive field, hence the companies in the sector appear to have high standards for their website. And with good reason!


When it comes to the Finance sector, many of the same things can be said – the Finance field does have high standards due to the consumers expecting easy, comfortable, and safe functionality when they manage finances, ultimately achieving the reward of ranking among the most popular US websites.


Finally, the Health Care sector is being observed and followed now more than ever due to the current virus that is forming our society and demanding change. Naturally, the US society has become more concerned about their wellbeing, hence the Health Care sector has high expectations to live up to.


Top 3 Insights in US Websites Review

Having role models that we can relate to can make one’s path to success more structured and successful thanks to having clear goals.


The same applies to businesses in the online world, as becoming familiar with exemplary results of a specific website and specific sectors can make your vision clearer.


That being said, if you’re only getting started with your own website, take a look at the most popular US websites and remember that there is no need to be overwhelmed by the examples provided in this article, as this is about the very most popular websites and industries in the US, which is an example followed by many itself.


Instead, take it as useful information that will guide you and prepare you to have realistic expectations. Also, nothing happens in one day, as we’re sure the top companies would confirm!


Here are the additional 3 insights for the top US websites that will give you a great understanding of the digital functionality that you can learn from the leaders.


1. The average website score of US websites was recorded to be 71.08 – slightly more than Global Websites, but definitely achievable!

71.08 is a great achievement that deserves applause, especially since it’s coming from a country as large as the US, which makes it especially admirable for being able to achieve such a great average score.


Top US sites scores by sector


71.08, however, is a very achievable score that even leaves space for additional improvement, but for now, it is a great indicator of what the first goal should be in the US market to be ranked among the popular US websites.


Naturally, there are many ways to achieve your goals and it very much depends on what kind of a website you are running, but a few common factors for starters could be an active SSL Certificate, a functional page size, mobile optimization (spoiler alert: there’s more about it in the 3rd insight), as well as many others.


Feel free to try out Wiredelta’s free app to perform a website analysis and learn what your own website could improve!


2. The average loading time of US websites is 0.64s – visibly faster than Global Websites, but definitely possible to get even better results!

Last month the Global Websites have displayed an average of 0.90s in loading time, whereas the most popular US websites have shown an average of 0.64s in loading speed, which proves to be quite a difference.


Top US sites page speed by sector


Surely the expectations in terms of loading speed are high and there multiple ways to improve the speed of your website, but before you start to worry about it, here’s a thought to consider.


As it was mentioned earlier in the article, fast loading speed is a great bonus to the overall website ranking, but as we saw earlier in the comparison of the three best websites, the winner Wells Fargo, had the slowest loading speed in comparison to the other two top US websites.


This essentially means that you shouldn’t focus on loading speed only but remember to optimize the overall functionality in order to join the ranks of the popular US websites.


Nevertheless, a few ways to improve your website’s speed could be by optimizing images on a website, reducing redirects, and many other ways.


3. The average mobile compatibility score of US websites is 80.26, strongly implying that mobile optimization is a crucial element.

Every year phones offer more and more freedom and functionality to use for every daily need. You no longer have to use a computer to transfer money thanks to apps like Cash App and Venmo and one can visit any website without a fear that mobile won’t display the layout correctly.


Not to mention the easy navigation if a customer is looking for directions to your business!


The results for mobile compatibility only confirm it and it seems that the necessity for mobile optimization is unavoidable as more time passes.


Luckily, the 80.26 average of mobile compatibility still leaves plenty of space for improvement and it’s a very realistic goal to aim at to get closer to becoming one of the most popular US websites.


We’d also like to note that two of the best websites this month, T-Mobile and Archive of Our Own, have mobile compatibility of 80, whereas only the very best website, belonging to Wells Fargo, got a score of 100.


This essentially means that aiming even for 80 is not only realistic but can also place you among the best of the best.


Remember: everything good takes time and effort to achieve. You reading this report is the first step of success, as you now have valid information to form your goals.


Finally, we have compiled a full report of the most popular US websites that has much more detailed information to offer to help you in your path of success even further. Feel free to see it for yourself by claiming it and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and colleagues who could benefit from it!


Current Score
1Wells Fargowellsfargo.com88
2Archive of Our Ownarchiveofourown.org85

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