Top 3 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Top 3 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

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Whether you are an eCommerce store or not, driving traffic to your site will be one of your top priorities if you want to increase conversions and sales for your company. What businesses need to know is that their site is one of the most essential elements of their business. It is your calling card, it is your sales pitch and it is your engagement portal. Not only will your customers use it to find you, but they can convert to paying customers on it. 


So, how do you actually get the traffic there? What do you have to do to drive more traffic to your site? We took a look at what some of the top companies in the world are doing and how they increase traffic that will actually convert. From marketing to using online tools, let’s take a look at how you can do it for yourself.


Create Catchy Content for your Channels 

Let’s kick off with your digital marketing. Not only will you want to put out traffic to several channels, you will want to make sure that that traffic is qualitative and will convert people. There are three important things that your content needs to be; it needs to be educational, it needs to be informative and it needs to be entertaining. So, spend time putting content together that ticks these three boxes. 


Take a look at how content appears across your channels and compare it to your competitors and other brands. Does it look appealing? Do you have enough elements in the campaigns that make it irresistible to click on? Images and videos should be attractive, crisp, clear, and entertaining for your customer to want to convert. 


Next, take a look at your copy. Does your copy give enough information about the campaign? Does it include relevant keywords? Does it have catchy headlines? If you are getting stuck with really catchy, high-converting headlines, there are plenty of tools for you to use. A LinkedIn headline generator, for example, will help you come up with a headline that will make your client want to click through instantly. 


Know Who Your Customer Is 

In order to produce the right content and the right campaigns, you will need to know something about your customer. You will need to know, firstly, who they are with regard to their demographics, but also, what they are actually interested in. 


So, you will need to know what their interests and behaviors online are. What are they following online, what are they engaging with on social channels and what are they usually clicking on. You will want to almost duplicate the kind of content that they are following and engaging with so that they can convert to loyal customers. 


Spend time at least twice a year doing a customer map where you ascertain just who your customer is and what you can do to appeal to them. There is a ton of data and information that you can start gathering from online sources that will provide you with the information you need. But, you can also keep an eye on some of the top brands on the market and your competitors and note what they are producing.


Top 3 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Image source: unsplash.com 


Focus on Your SEO 

SEO is going to be one of your biggest traffic drivers to your site if you get it right from the outset. It is important to note that organic traffic can be some of the highest converting traffic, so if you are getting your SEO right from the outset, you should be seeing some great, high-converting organic traffic. 


Keyword focussed content is crucial for both your website as well as your channel campaigns and naturally your paid ads. Start with conducting an SEO audit of the site and see what needs to be improved upon, or if there are any serious issues that can be immediately tackled. 


Next, conduct keyword research and make sure that you have the standard keywords as well as trending keywords showing up on your site as well as that marketing. Once you start getting that right, you can focus on the technical aspects of your website. Things like your H1, H2 headings, meta descriptions, slugs and backlinks will all need continuous attention from you. 


The Bottom Line 

One of the last things we want to leave with you is to tie everything together and to keep your traffic coming into your site, keep an eye on those metrics and data. Tools like Google Analytics, and even the metrics from your channels can show you what is working, what isn’t and what you can improve on to increase traffic and conversions. So, keep trying and testing things on your site to see what works.

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