Top Web Development Trends in 2019

As the world is moving online, our expectations and needs from a digital perspective are increasing as well. For web designers and developers, this means that they have to adapt to the growing requirements in the market. And every year new web development trends emerge. Therefore, developers should stay updated in order to stay relevant. So without further ado, here are the top web development trends to watch out for in 2019…

Progressive Web apps

Progressive web apps are websites that resonate Native Mobile apps. It is no longer enough to be responsive. Modern web apps have to be progressive too. These modern web applications load instantly, like regular web pages, but also comes with a high level of functionality. They are designed to adapt to any web browser and various screen sizes. Additionally, they work even offline. Progressive web apps enrich users of instant and reliable experiences without cache issues. Furthermore, progressive web apps can be shared via URL and can announce users with web push notifications. 

web development trends


Companies that are using PWAs have noticed higher conversion rates and customer engagement. These are, for example, Lancôme, Uber and Forbes, as well as, well-known social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. 


JavaScript trends

JavaScript is the most popular programming language for the last six years, according to Stack Overflow 2018 report. This is due to the evolution of app development frameworks, libraries, and designs. Since JavaScript is functional and powerful, developers are likely to pick this programming language.


Front-end frameworks based on JavaScript are a relevant choice for web development. AngularJS by Google and Facebook’s ReactJS provide different tools for easier developing process, so then you can focus on optimizing the user experience. You should definitely try them if you haven’t worked with frameworks yet.


Cross-Platform Applications

All the fuss is about cross-platform applications, which are applications that are built in just one codebase, yet it can be deployed to run on multiple platforms. For example, if you build a cross-platform mobile app in Ionic that is deployed to Google’s Play Store, and Apple’s App Store, you run on two platforms but you only need to maintain one codebase in Ionic. 


So, by far the biggest main advantage of cross-platform development is that you need to build a codebase only once, and then run the app in different operating systems. In many ways, cross-platform allows for native development, on non-native codebases. Additionally, this process of building a cross-platform app cuts your maintenance and development costs manyfold. Cross-platform apps are usually criticized for lower quality compared to native apps. But frameworks like React Native and Ionic are refuting it.


Choosing a cross-platform framework is usually time-consuming. Therefore, you can check out our analysis in Build Mobile Apps – Flutter, React Native, Ionic or Xamarin and uncover what is best for you.


Single Page Applications

SPAs are websites that dynamically rewrite the current page rather than loading entire new pages from a server core. Therefore, they don’t require extra time to load. Resources such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript are loaded only once and then only a small amount of data is being refreshed. SPAs are focused on a visually appealing design, which catches users’ interest. Key features are simplicity and easy navigation. An additional benefit of SPAs is that they can easily be implemented as a mobile app


The rise of Single Page Applications is most certainly the outcome of the progress made in JavaScript frameworks. If you are interested in diving more into SPAs, check out our article:      Is Single Page Application Development Worth it in 2019?


Mobile-friendly website

Mobile internet usage is rapidly growing, more than 4.4 billion users are enjoying the internet by using mobile phones, tablets or other portable devices. Therefore, developers should focus their attention on building mobile-friendly websites. These websites have to work perfectly on smartphones. And have to be well designed in order to deliver a  great user experience. 


Optimizing a website and content for mobile is a must! It drives traffic from search engines in both the short and long term. Moreover, it helps with achieving conversion rates because a smaller percentage of your traffic will bounce. For example, Google made its own mobile-friendly test tool, to help developers deliver the best mobile responsive website experiences. Every website can be easily tested and improved in being mobile-friendly. So web developers have no excuses anymore! 


mobile friendly web


Interactive design trends

The main purpose of interactive design is focusing on the use and experience of the software. Nowadays, everyone can easily communicate and interact with the Internet and websites as well. Lately, interactive design is trending because of its dynamic graphics, amazing animation and real impacts on usability. It allows web designers to develop front-end design without advanced knowledge and experiences. The visual story is made by using various tools and technologies. Interactive design connects users and digital solutions and allows them to be actively engaged during a visit. One of the hottest trends within the interactive design is Motion UI.

interactive design


Bots are trending!

Artificial intelligence is the process of machines or algorithms imitating human behavior based on training data that algorithms can collect, analyze and learn from. AI-driven chatbots or virtual assistants are becoming ever more sophisticated and integrated with all types of devices such as our phones, speakers, even our refrigerators! This means that chatbots are starting to adopt a market and are becoming smarter every single day. Basically, virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortana are transforming social interaction, both with each other and the devices we surround ourselves with. And they keep getting smarter, adjusting the user experience based on our past behaviors.


AI’s desired goal is to first imitate human behavior and later enhance it. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is at the beginning of its successful journey but we will definitely hear more about it in the next few years. 

Companies like Sephora, Asos and 1-800 Flowers are building bots for each different social media channels. They’ve already noticed the power of AI and are starting to get value out of using chatbots. For example, Sephora has used Facebook Messenger Chatbot and increased their makeover appointments by 11%.



Every company is becoming a software company, and with everything connecting to the internet, in a sense, every company is becoming a web company. The web development industry is moving at a pace faster than most other industries, new frameworks, designing up-to-date trends or developing mobile web apps to satisfy our growing digital expectations. Moreover, the web development industry is supporting communication, sharing-out knowledge, research and the flow of resources. 


You should stay in touch with Wiredelta and keep on the newest articles about both, web and mobile development trends. We are following them and trying to bring the best to your digital solutions. 


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