Two Approaches to VR, Oculus Quest & Nintendo Labo VR

Virtual and augmented technologies have been making a lot of news recently, with all sorts of interesting developments. However this week we are going to compare two specific products, the Oculus Quest and Nintendo Labo VR. The Oculus Quest is more focused on the traditional immersive idea of VR while Nintendo Labo VR takes a new innovative, seemingly simplistic approach to AR, using cardboard boxes.


Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest will launch on the 21st of May, just 3 weeks from today. It is available for pre-order in the U.S for $400 or in Europe for €449.


The setup comes with a standalone headset and positionally tracked controllers. These features set apart the new Oculus, as they facilitate more freedom of movement around the player’s environment.



Fans of VR hits like Beat Saber and Superhot are in luck, this will be supported with the new device. However, if you’re hoping for something new, you’re in luck. It was announced there will new launches like Dance Central, Journey of the Gods, as well as many more.


Facebook maintains a gaming-first approach to marketing its new headset. So, it is unclear how well the Oculus Quest will support other services like Netflix or features like Oculus Rooms, Oculus Venues.

Nintendo Labo VR

Nintendo, on the other hand, has taken a completely new approach to VR. The focus is on augmented reality rather than submerging users into a completely digitalised world. In fact, Nintendo Labo VR goes back to basics, in a way, to make this happen. They are introducing cardboard constructions as a key component in gameplay.



The gamer uses Nintendo Switch controls and screen to make these cardboard components come alive. The controllers use vibrations that make the cardboard creations known as ‘toy-cons’ move and interact with gamers. Furthermore, there is a Google Cardboard style headset can is used for a more immersive gaming experience.


Another exciting feature with Nintendo Labo is that users can design their own levels, paths or customise details on the games that come with the device. For young users, this means that Labo may not only introduce into VR but also game design.


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