Web Designing: UX vs. UI

Websites are the first point-of-contact of brands with the audience. It is mandatory to have a visually appealing and informatically satisfying website for the conversion of visitors into customers. The process of building such webpages, basically the front end of the website, is known as web designing.
However, web designing is not a solo concept. There are certain intricacies involved, such as UI and UX. Here is an article that depicts their in-depth details.

Web Designing

Web designing comprises designing a web page from scratch. It includes setting up layout configuration, graphic design, text sequence, themes, color palettes, fonts, and designing everything that a user visualizes on the website. It is the front-end design, excluding the coding part.
Web designing is a very crucial job. It plays an integral role in generating leads for a brand because it is through websites that they reflect their motives, visions, and marketing goals. It depends on the competency of the web designer to create adaptive or responsive websites; the better structured the format, the higher the conversion rates that begets.
Optimizing landing pages, tracking analytics, identifying exit points without checkout, and ranking websites on search engine ranking pages (SERPs) are other important aspects of web designing.
Ten years ago, web designing was an extensive task. However, today it’s a skill that can be honed by anyone with interest. Website development tools and platforms have eased website building, allowing SMBs to increase their online presence without digging a hole in their pockets.
Websites are currently the strongest tools for digital marketing. Therefore, SMBs should seek a web designer’s input on website UX UI issuesfor increasing their traffic in the longer run.


User experience is a subset of web designing. As the name says, it precisely deals with easing users’ experience while navigating through the website. It includes designing the website’s prototype, the basic skeleton, and the proof-of-concept. 
Often, UX is taken into consideration for the development of digital tools like mobile applications and websites. However, it’s a wide arena that deals with designing the feel of any product that will be used by humans.
Researching, brainstorming, conceptualizing, and then assembling the core of a product according to the needs of the consumers are some of the prime roles of a UX designer. 
For example, during the development of a bicycle, it is on the UX designer’s part to understand the design of the cycle seat for maximum comfort and minimal ergonomics issues for the rider. While developing a bottle, UX will involve the time taken to close the cap because these are small details that determine the user’s experience while developing a product.


Unlike UX, UI is a completely digital aspect. It is the user interface that aids in transforming a brand’s pursuits into visual goals. 
UI deals with creating digital products such as websites and software in a manner that maximizes their usability and minimizes the obstacles involved in opting for them. For example, previously, users had to enter a 4-5 digit passcode for unlocking their mobile phones. However, now with the introduction of the finger phone unlocking system, it is a task completed in seconds.
Graphic UI, voice UI, natural language UI, and command UI are some of the many forms of UI that implement the same goal via different techniques. For a website, UI decides the typography, button figures, and sizes, image placement, navigation efficiency, visual competency, and loading time.


Customer satisfaction is the dictum of a successful product. Therefore, to improvise a website’s performance, the investigation is necessary by consulting professional web designers alongside UI and UX experts.

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