10 Most Popular


of 2021

Jan. 19, 21

Wiredelta presents

Artificial Intelligence is only getting better 


AIs are now behind our chatbots and voice-based interaction systems and power our customer services, accessibility features, and so much more!

Chatbots will be a greater part of life 


Chatbots are one of the top web development trends. They will be the answer for companies with fast, accurate, and smart customer service. 

Voice Search and Voice Navigation 


Voice search and navigation are some of the top accessibility trends today. It is fast, convenient, and accurate, creating a superb user experience is guaranteed

WebAssembly is the balance we need 


WebAssembly compiles code from any programming language into bytecode and is not dependent on hardware, platforms.

5G will lead us into the future


5G will surely make our online endeavors faster, include lower latency, improve our current opportunities and create new ones. 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality 


AR and VR can be aimed at customers, allowing them to get a “closer look” or can be used by any industry to design virtual workshops and training!

Internet of Things will connect us even more


With IoT technology data is efficiently transferred through cloud networks ensuring 100% functionality, no risks and no delays. 

Motion Design UI will make navigating fun


Motion Design UI can create smooth, interactive, and entertaining pop-ups, scrolling effects, charts, menus, animations, and page header transitions.

Serverless Architecture 


Serverless Architecture is s a technology that allows us to create the structure and foundation of applications without tying them to servers. 

Single-Page Apps and Single Page Websites 


Single-Page Apps and Websites work in a browser, and take a lot less time to load, cost less, need less maintenance over time, and a lot less optimization.

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