10 Most Popular

of 2021

Mar. 22, 21

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  Since its launch in 2006, real estate site Zillow with its outstanding search function has become the number one  go-to place for those searching for  a dream home



One of the first online real estate tools. Realtor uses on its website WordPress CMS with NEXT.JS. Users track their homes' valuation, equity, and mortgage

 TED Blog


TED promotes "ideas worth spreading" and has hosted speakers like Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson. The TED blog uses WordPress to create and share insightful content.



jQuery is an open-source JavaScript library and as a technology, it is used on 74% of the top 1 million sites. The official jQuery website uses WordPress as its CMS.

Microsoft news


Microsoft, the leading tech company, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, uses WordPress for its news site! Microsoft news is popular, just a few clicks and you have your fill. 

The Sun


As one of the most read newspapers, by 2018 The Sun has reached 9.89 million broadsheet readers and 33 million online readers! The online version of the Newspaper uses WordPress.

BBC America


BBC America registers an average of 960.000 monthly visits and uses WordPress for its CMS. The site is featured as a showcase on the official WordPress website.



Blender is a 3D software for game creation released in 1998. Today it has 5 million monthly online visitors to its website which uses WordPress as its CMS solution. 



TripAdvisor has 90 million monthly visitors and uses WordPress as its CMS. TripAdvisor occupies 1st place in travel and tourism on Similarweb!    

White House.gov


Whitehouse.gov is a portfolio-like official website for the US government. According to BuiltWith, the website uses WordPress and Drupal as CMSs.