10 Most Popular User Testing Methods Of 2022

Dec 06, 2021

By Adela


1. Usability testing

This method allows you to determine how effective, efficient, and user-friendly your new system is. You choose the type of usability testing based on resources or test goal.

2. Concept testing 

You should use this method to measure the users' acceptance of a new product. Besides identifying and increasing strengths, it also exposes potential weaknesses.

3. Card sorting

During this test, users display how they expect to interact with your website based on its navigation and layout. The types of card sorting depend on how much control the users have.

4. Tree Testing

This test asks users to locate items based on how your website is structured and spelled out. The menu structure used can be in its most basic form, ignoring design or layout.

5. A/B Testing 

A/B testing helps you find out which of your ideas is the most popular among your website or application users.  You need to create two versions of the same piece of content  

6. First-click Testing 

It helps you track where the user clicks and if he completes the task on the screen when first interacting with a website or application.

7. Beta Testing 

It allow you to discover whether users understand and use all the features of the site. Provides feedback on features to add or avoid, and answers to technical questions.  

8. Focus Group 

Your website or app is evaluated according to the views and opinions of the users It allows you to determine what users want from a website and their pain points.

9. Surveys

Surveys are a great way for you to collect quantitative data from a large number of users in a short period.  It is cost-effective, and fast and easy.

10. Eye Tracking Testing 

IT  observes the user’s eye movements while accessing a website.  It helps you learn what users are looking at, their eye paths, and how they use the site.

Final thoughts 

In short, user testing helps find users' preferences, existing bugs, facilitate improvement, and helps with offering a better user experience and having more traffic on the website.

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