April 19, 21

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Consider this...

Is your website or mobile app stopping your business from growing and reaching its full potential

Then you might need a rebuild

Here are 7 situations explaining when and why you should consider a rebuild and give your business a second chance.

1. You are stuck with an old-tech stack 

Legacy systems, or systems using old tech cost more to keep running and update, than it would cost to rebuild using modern technologies.

2. Your current system is beyond repair 

Because of bad development work or too many changes, you might have a working version of your website but it is not scalable or sustainable.

3. The architecture is not scalable 

Changes affect the code and the entire architecture. And if your system was not built with scalability in mind, it will soon become a problem. 

4. Limited features or benefits 

Due to bad planning, you might use a technology with limited features or benefits. This will stop your growth and will affect your user satisfaction

5. Rebuilding brings more value...

Legacy systems or products rushed to market with insufficient planning will become unscalable and rebuilding them will bring more value.

6. It costs less to rebuild... 

Similarly, it will cost you less in the long run to rebuild than to try to keep alive a system that is too old, or too badly planned to scale.

7. Your architecture is not secure enough

If your system is not secure, you might need a partial rebuild or a full rebuild, depending on the security risks.

So why should you consider a rebuild? 

For the same reason you don't use your first computer anymore. Technology evolves fast, and if you want your business to stand a chance, you need to keep up.

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