7 Important Tips On  

Jun. 20, 21

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1. Market reasearch

Use Google, forums, and social media to identify common problems users within your industry want fixing.

2. Build a few wireframes

Wireframes help you structure your goals and plan your users' journey.

3. Build a high-level prototype 

Turn your wireframe into a high-level prototype then test it on focus groups to collect feedback and perfect your idea.

4. Build for iOS and Android

Cross-platform technologies allow you to target both iOS and Android users without bankrupting your business

5. Invest in QA and Maintenance 

Quality assurance and constant Maintenance will allow your app to run smoothly after publishing it on App Stores.

6. Publish your app

Get familiar with and make sure you meet each store's different requirements before you publish your app.

7. Create brand awareness

Make sure you have a website where you promote the app, a strong marketing strategy, and good, relevant content to build your reputation.

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