What It Means To Work With An Agile Agency

Oct 06, 2021

By Louise Scov


Agile requires discipline

Scope changes affect your budget and deadlines and before you make one, we will set a meeting to discuss it so you make an informed decision.


What's a contract between friends?

We may not always have a contract, but we always have a written log of our agreements and communication.


Designs change – UX shouldn't 

We may not be UX experts, but we will challenge your designs and changes when it affects the user experience, so be ready.


One size does not fit all 

Projects might seem similar to each other, but they are not. Every project is unique and should be treated as such


Change is inevitable

We sometimes struggle with change – like adopting other technologies. But we learned, and we are ready for anything you throw at us.


Fixed prices don’t go well with Agile

Agile development is dynamic, and it encourages you to make changes before and during the development process.


Your website has to be mobile-first

Google only indexes mobile friendly websites - so if you want to rank on Google, your website needs to be responsive.


Don't judge an agency by their website

It took us over three years to update out website because we put all of our resources into our clients' projects.


We need to know your users

We know UX, but you know your users best - together we can build the platform of their dreams!


Design equally important 

It's easy to loose focus and fixate on development, but UX and design as just as important if you want a successful website.


Your feedback is important to us

From start to finish, your feedback throughout the project is invaluable to us.


At the end of the day...

We have come a long way from when we started, but we are still learning and we are not planning to stop.

Thank you for watching!

And if you need advice or a second opinion...