Project Lifecycle in Agile – Planning, Analysis and Design

Nov 2, 2021


By Ivana Stiavnicka

Agile methodology in project management?

Agile methodology is a fast and flexible way to deliver the desired results within a set budget and  time frame

With Agile Methodology 

You are involved  in every phase of the development process.  

How Agile development helps reach your goals? 

Define your priorities. What are your Must haves, Should haves, Could haves, and Won’t haves?

What is a project’s lifecycle? 

Project lifecycle in agile is always consistent, regardless the nature of your business and project. 

A project’s lifecycle phases:

Project lifecycle entails 6 phases:   1. Planning        2. Analysis         3. Design            4. Development 5. Testing             6. Maintenance


The first step of any project is to visualize the goals of what you want to achieve. What is it you are trying to solve? 


Focus on the foundation of your project – the must haves and should haves. 


Once the core of your project works as intended, adjusting and building on top is easy


'How are we going to achieve  our goals?'  Answering this question is the ultimate goal of analysis phase. 


You will be presented with a  project estimation, e.g. price estimation, or how long will it take to develop each feature. 


Don't panic if you and the development agency have different opinions about how things should be done.


But remember they might have experience with a similar situation so maybe it’s worth giving it a second thought. 


This phase consists of two factorsthe structure and the visuals.


The development team decides which database design, what technologies and programming languages to use. 


When dealing with the visuals, it is important to keep user interface and user experience in mind. It will make the process easier.

How to ensure the success of your project? 

Remember that each phase of the project’s lifecycle is vital. Skipping one of them can be fatal to your end results. 

To be continued...

This was the first half of a project lifecycle. Don't miss the next part: Development, Testing and Maintenance!

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