How Chatbots Help Customer Services in 2021?

Oct 27, 2021


By Klaudia Witkos

What are chatbots?

Chatbots today are able to have an almost human-like conversation and they are available on almost any platform imaginable.

Types of chatbots

Based on communication channels or functionality we distinguish several types of chatbots.

Text-based chatbot

Text-based chatbots  are using channels like Messenger, Slack, or Telegram.

Voice-based chatbots

Voice-based chatbots are virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. 

Scripted/Quick reply bots

This type of chatbot is able to answer only basic questions registered in its database.  

Natural Language Processing Chatbots

This type of chatbot have a variety of answers for the same query, and can learn from conversations.  

Service/action chatbots

They challenge the conversation to collect relevant information before they fulfill the action or service.   

Chatbots for social communication

Chatbots like this allows users to reach a company without accessing their website.  

Context-enabled chatbots

They use Machine Learning to remember conversation and create contextual connections.  

Chatbots with voice control

This type of chatbots, like Alexa or Google Assistant, they use ML to learn from user interaction. 

Benefit #1 Multitasking

One chatbot can reply to more than one person at the same time, speeding up the customer support processes.

Benefit #2 Availability

Chatbots don't sleep - they are ready for work 24/7, and so will be your customer services.

Benefit #3 Consistency

Chatbots are consistent and will provide the same information to your users every single time .

Benefit #4 Multilingual

Training a chatbot to speak multiple languages is much easier than training a human. And there is no limit.

Benefit #5 Endless patience

Chatbots are as polite as you make them to be and they do not lose patience - unless you program them to

So can chatbots help businesses?

Chatbots still need training and supervision, but they have come a long way and their benefits to your customer service team are undeniable

And can they help your business?

From a simple Q&A chatbots to  self-sufficient assistant they can improve your user experience, boost sales and grow your business overall. 

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