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Aug. 30, 21

Wiredelta presents

Human Copywriters vs. AI Content Generators 

Copywriting requires a lot of creativity and new ideas to be delivered on regular basis. 

Human Copywriters vs. AI Content Generators  

Both AI and humans have their pros and cons. But their combination can turn out to be a great cooperation - AI might be a big help for your copywriters.

Human copywriters

People have emotions and feelings, which also reflects on the content that is being produced

Human copywriters

Content writing is a far more complex topic and context is what really matters. These aspects are handled better by humans.

AI content generators 

AI content generators can produce content way faster than human copywriters. 

AI content generators

But the text needs to be edited, rephrased, and adjusted, which detracts from the trustworthiness of the AI content generators. 

Will your business thrive with AI articles? 

AI content generators happen to be especially helpful tools for start-ups and smaller-sized companies, or simply companies that are tight on budget.  

Will your business thrive with AI articles?  

If your budget allows you to hire a human copywriter, then it would be your best to-go option.   

Will your business thrive with AI articles?  

Your customers are people who need to understand the language you speak, and AI is not that far yet - but it can still inspire your content writers.

Some of the best AI content generators on the market. 

Kafkai Article Forge Writesonic


Kafkai can write articles from scratch and puts emphasis on SEO. Moreover, the tool can handle 7 languages

Article Forge 

Articles created with Article Forge are of a high quality, close to human-written articles. The prices are also affordable.


Writesonic can help you with writing a marketing copy or a new article for your blog.  But be prepared that the copies will need improvements

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