Jun. 02, 21

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How much will it cost me?

Depending on your requirements, your needs, and the number of changes you bring to the project scope, it varies.

1. CMS based websites

Content management systems like WordPress or Drupal come with predefined UI and functionality.

Building a CMS website costs...

Depending on the development time and testing needed, this type of project can cost between DKK 20.000 – DKK 100.000 

2. Custom-developed MVPs...

Minimum Viable Products showcase your main functionality to attract early adopters and investors and kickstart your business

2. Custom MVPs cost...

But they are built from scratch, so custom-developed MVP usually costs something in between DKK 100.000 – DKK 500.000 

3. Custom complex web apps are...

Custom-developed complex web apps require extensive functionality, their designs are custom and involve a lot of testing

3. Complex web apps cost...

Because they are rather complex, they are also more costly and could come with a price tag between DKK 500.000 and DKK 1.500.000 

4. Highly complex web apps are...

Highly complex web apps require both manual and automated tests, may include AI or ML, and the designs are usually advanced.

4. So highly complex web apps cost...

Their prices can start at least DKK 1.500.000, and the development and testing time will exceed one year, based on each situation 

Summing up 

Building a website depends on your needs, budget, and deadlines. So if you want a reliable estimation, it is advised to talk with at least a few web agencies.

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