Cyber Security Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Website

January 27 2022

By  Catheririne 


1. Forgetting to keep your domains secure

The first cyber security mistake can easily be avoided by securing your domains and URLs with an SSL Certificate and turning that HTTP into a strong HTTPS.

2. Choosing an unreliable web host 

The more traffic you have, the more data you collect and the more sensitive that data is, the more you need a strong and reliable hosting provider, as an unreliable solution can expose your site to many threats.  

3. Failing to back up the website  

One of the best methods to keep your site safe is to have a good backup solution. And backup your backup.

4. Using obvious passwords   

This might be one of the simplest, fastest and most affordable security steps, but creating strong passwords is also one of the most important steps in keeping hackers away from your website. 

5. Failing to keep your cookies secure  

Cookies can cause massive damage if they are used to store extremely sensitive information because they can easily expose users’ information to hackers, who can in turn use it for malicious purposes.

6. Not keeping your technology up to date 

New threats appear every day and hackers are always scouting for them, updating your code, for example, ensures that you minimize exposure to risks. 

7. Not stress-testing your site

Mostly recommended if you store highly sensitive data, such as financial data, but good practice in upping your security is to hire a professional or an ethical hacker to stress-test your site and find any security flaws there might be. 

8. Skipping or neglecting outbound data security  

Data protection is a two-way street, as you ensure that threats are kept at bay, you also need to keep company information safe from getting to outsiders. y.

9. Excluding employee training on Cyber Security matters  

Threats such as phishing are hard to detect especially if an employee is not informed. It is safe to keep them updated on the current risks and how to identify them. 

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