Why Do You Need

Analytic Tools For Your Business?

Jul. 19, 21

Wiredelta presents

5 Tool Examples

What is an analytic tool? 

Analytic tools allow you to tap into who your customers really are and where are they coming from

What is an analytic tool?  

You can also learn which content drives your traffic and which channels preform best, or simply see different patterns which you otherwise might overlook. 

Web analytics

Web analytics provide you with information on your website’s performance, such as loading time. 

Marketing analytics

Marketing analysis tools are focused on measuring aspects like monthly traffic. 

Why are analytics tools important for my business? 

You can learn what brings people to your website or find out which of your keywords are performing the best

Why are analytic tools important for my business?  

It is also easier to keep track of your key performance indicators (KPIs) and update them based on your data.

5 analytic tool examples 

1. Google Analytics 2. Adobe Analytics 3. Matomo Analytics 4. Mixpanel 5. Kissmetrics 

1. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics allow you to see  the performance details of individual pages of your website or how long people stay on-page.

2. Adobe Analytics 

You can put data from different channels together to get a better and more complex insight into your current situation. 

3. Matomo Analytics 

Good alternative to Google Analytics, but with Matomo, you have 100% data ownership. 

4. Mixpanel 

With Mixpanel, it is possible to find information on where and why your visitors decided to leave

5. Kissmetrics 

Kissmetrics puts emphasis on behavioral analytics and points out that your business depends on people – your users. 

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