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Oct. 03, 21

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and bring more traffic? 

Can Social Media Marketing help SEO? 

Social media marketing efforts might positively impact your SEO both in performance and on Google search rankings. 

Does SMM directly Impact SEO?

SMM does not directly contribute to your SEO ranking, but the links you share on social platforms will create awareness.

Does Social Media Marketing Impact SEO?

Google does not count a share on Facebook  but it does value the traffic and “talk”. 

Does Social Media Marketing Impact SEO?

Social media will generate triggers that indicate your posts are valuable to your target groups or specific market

1. Boost Your Content Performance 

The more people visiting your content and the more traffic more positive user signals and benefit. 

2. More Opportunities to Gain Backlink

Attract more eyes on your content, will improve the odds of someone linking to it 

3. Gain A Different Perspective

Social media can provide users with another view of your business and boost your brand awareness and brand identity.

4. Bring More Traffic

Use SMM to your advantage as it can help attract visitors and can boost your visibility.

5. Build Trust

Good Social Profiles Build Trust with your users and they give you a different approach to personalizing your brand.

What Social channels should you use?

The choice of what social media platform to use depends on goals, products, and services that your business provide

Marketing strategies for Facebook

Facebook is perfect for personal businesses to promote their goods and services, boost their content, or attract more engagement.. 

Marketing strategies for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform that focuses on connecting professionals around the world

Marketing strategies for Twitter

If your business is related to entertainment, sports, politics, tech, or marketing, then you will need to engage on Twitter. 

Marketing strategies for Instagram

Instagram is a social network where product-based businesses, influencers, and coaches can get more succes.

Marketing strategies for TikTok

The low competition among businesses could mean a massive SMM opportunity to reach a lot of people at a low cost. 


SEO and SMM both have benefits for your business, but they are more efficient when they complement each other


The best social media platform to use for your business depends on goals and what your target group wants. 

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