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Sep. 28, 21

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What are chatbots?

Chatbots are AI programs that simulate a conversation between a human and a computer in natural language

Are chatbots useful for businesses?

Chatbots increase operational efficiency and cut costs while providing a more convenient customer experience.  

How chatbots help businesses?

Chatbots are easy to use, 24/7 service, possible to build the bot according to the requirements and deploy across multiple channels.

What is Facebook Blender?

The Facebook AI Research team claimed it is the largest open-domain chatbot model ever created - It is more engaging and has a more human “feeling”. 

Why is Facebook Blender better?

Blender can discuss nearly any topic, show a deeper empathy, and  blends in almost seamlessly which is what we have been missing with previous chatbots.

How is Facebook Blender better?

The approach to generation strategies keep the bots from repeating themselves, providing too long or shallow responses, or exhibiting other shortcomings.

Drawbacks for Facebook Blender 

Even the best Blender models generate common phrases too often and sometimes contradict themselves, though to a lesser degree in larger models

Other Limitations 

The models can’t learn concepts from further discussion, and they have no way of linking entities, actions, and experiences in the real world.

But even with its drawbacks...

Facebook Blender still seems to be the best chatbot in the world, at least so far. 

Who can use Facebook Blender?

The technology is open-source so it is free for anyone to use, as long as you know how to work with Python. 

What's next for Blender?

Blender has not been on the market long, yet it is the most human-like chatbot today, so we can only wait and see what the future holds..  

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