January 19, 2022

By Klaudia Witkoś


Google Algorithm Updates to watch out for in 2022

The Google algorithm is an interconnected system that uses about 200 factors to index websites and rank them on the Search Engine Results Page based on relevancy.

Google will focus even more on how well websites match user searches. So how do you write content in 2022?

You have to make sure  your content gives an   easy-to understand and valuable answer to the questions that searchers have. 

2. Focus on headlines

People can easily decide if something is interesting for them based only on the headline they see. 

Try to find keywords that have the most significance for your user and highest search volume.

Take a look at what works for the competition and use a similar  way of writing!

As long as your content consists of relevant, practical knowledge that is updated regularly, your users will keep coming back to you for answers.

6. Internal linking    

Add as many of the internal links as make sense in the article and don't obsess about the anchor texts, just make it sound natural.

Everything from title, tags,  meta description, images,  paragraphs, H2 tags and  even your URL is important - don't skip optimizing them.

If you want to boost the traffic on your website in 2022, take good care of your SEO and make your content unique.

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