The Ultimate Guide to 

 SSL  Certificates

Aug. 26, 21

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What is an SSL certificate?

SSLs are data files that ensure the link between a web server and browser is encrypted and keeps all the data of your users private. 

Why buy an SSL certificate?

SSLs add credibility to your brand. A website equipped with an SSL certificate looks more trustworthy, which appeals to customers.

How do SSLs work? 

When users access a website, both the browser and the web server have to agree the connection is secure before they exchange data. SSLs provide that secure layer.

And if there is no SSL... 

It will cause a chain reaction - the server alerts the browser, that alerts the user to stay away from you site, which will impact your traffic.

How SSLs influence SEO?

 SSLs are one of the mandatory requirements Google implemented in website ranking - the SEO ranking algorithm favors websites with an SSL certificate

SSL classification

SSLs are divided by level of encryption or by the number of domains they cover.. 

SSLs by level of encryption 

• Domain Validation SSLs  Extended Validation SSLs  Organization Validation SSLs

Domain Validation SSL certificates

Has the lowest level of strictness and a low level of encryption, making it most affordable option.  

Extended Validation SSL certificates

The most expensive type of SSL certificate. The best option for businesses, bigger institutions, and eCommerce stores.

Organization Validation SSLs

OV certificates are in between DV and EV certificates - with both level of encryption and price

2. SSLs based on the domains they protect

• Wildcard SSL certificate Multi-domain SSL certificate • Single-domain SSL certificate

Wildcard SSL certificates

Protects a single domain with an unlimited number of subdomains. A wildcard certificate can be issued along with DV and OV SSL certificates.  

Multi-domain SSL certificates 

You can register and protect up to 100 domains within one multi-domain SSL certificate. This is a money-saving option

Single-domain SSL certificates

This certificate only applies to one domain - subdomains will not be protected. 

Reliable SSL certificate providers  

Comodo SSL  GeoTrust  DigiCert 

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