Apr. 26 21

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What is Etsy?

 Etsy is an online marketplace that offers a clearinghouse for handcrafters, collectors, and entrepreneurs to open a store and sell their products online. 

How did Etsy start?

Etsy started as a group of creatives and artists that could sell their products online: Robert Kalin, Haim Schoppik, and Chris Maguire – who founded Etsy on June 18th, 2005.

Etsy in numbers

Etsy has 1.7 million retailers who offer 40 million products, searched by 26.1 million users in more than 190 countries.

From 2008...

Chris Maguire and Haim Schoppik left the company. Chad Dickerson become new CTO and by 2011, he replaced Rob Kalin as CEO of the company. 2012

Etsy was still being used especially by low-income, entrepreneurial-minded people who wanted to start a business and reach customers they may have never met otherwise. 

From 2014  to 2017

By 2015, Etsy had 5.000 cases of sellers outsourcing production, which started many controversial discussions around Etsy's integrity. 2017

As a response, in 2016 Etsy launched the Global Brand marketing campaign, Difference Makes Us, celebrating unique tastes and preferences and enabling users to find products no one else sold.

From 2017 untill now

Josh Silverman become Etsy's new CEO and from the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the demand for essentials on Etsy exploded.

Technology behind Etsy

Etsy’s is user-friendly, and highly customizable, making it a fierce competitor for players like eBay, Amazon, etc., as well as the idea of opening a personal shop. 

Backend and frontend 

Etsy’s backend is written mainly in PHP, but it also uses Backbone – an MVC JavaScript library. The frontend naturally uses JavaScript, HTML and CSS.


Etsy use WordPress as a content management system. For CRM, Etsy uses Zendesk, which also helps with data collection and data analysis.

Client-side Programming 

Etsy uses jQuery, a JavaScript library for event handling and simplified HTML document traversing, and Ajax interaction

Web Servers  and Hosting

Etsy relies on Apache, an open-source HTTP web server, Nginx, and a Cloudflare Server. For hosting providers, Etsy uses various Google cloud solutions, as well as WP Engine.

Data Center Providers

Esty uses Google’s data centers to also host and maintain their data, but also several Amazon services. 

Reverse Proxy and CDN

For their proxy servers solutions, Etsy uses Fastly, Akamai, Cloudflare, and Amazon’s CloudFront

SSL Certificates

Another important part of everyday operations is security, The SSL certificates Etsy uses are GlobalSign, DigiCert, and IdenTrust.

Etsy today

Etsy has become a one of a kind online platform for people who are looking to find unique products which sets it apart from platforms like eBay and Amazon.