May 31, 21

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How was


A new E-mail service from Google

On April 1, 2004, Google decided to join the race of email providers and launched Gmail. 

A sudden surprise

The idea of Google, making an email service was quite surprising, and the so-called storage capacity of 1GB, which was 500 times more than Microsoft’s Hotmail offered.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is a free email service developed by Googles.

 How was Gmail developed?

Co-founder, Larry Page says that the company was inspired to make Gmail because other users were complaining 

Important moments in Gmails development

Users were presented with the new interface design months before the actual release. In March 2012, Google officially transitioned into the new design. 

Interface and design

Almost all of Gmail’s features are search-oriented. It made emailing more user-friendly through the easy interface.

Gmail Features

Smart Compose; will finish your sentences when you write an email.

Gmail Features

Un-send an email: recall a sent message within 30 seconds after you have sent it.

Gmail Features

Put it on the tab: a personal organizer. Will divide your inbox into different tabs.

Gmail and Security

Google has maintained its secure HTTPS from the day it started. Users can easily change to secure HTTPS mode after logging in to the inbox.

More about Gmail and Security

Gmail scans all incoming and outgoing e-mails automatically, due to viruses in all email attachments.

More about Gmail and Security

In 2017 Google presented a new machine learning technology, which would identify phishing and spam on a 99.9% precision scale.


 Gmail has the ability to be flexible for all kinds of people, with different needs and desires, as a leading email service.

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