How Do You Create Mobile-friendly Content?

December 12, 2021

By Adela


SEO Best Practices 

Desktop content vs mobile content

Over 54% of traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices. You should make sure all your content is mobile-friendly.

Desktop content vs mobile content

Google has prioritized mobile-friendly websites more than desktop-only ones since 2019.In other words, mobile-friendly websites rank higher.

Desktop content vs mobile content

83% of users watch videos on mobile devices, while 53% use desktops. Video advertising is estimated to count for over 51% of mobile ads.

Tips to create mobile-friendly content

As most web traffic comes from mobile devices, optimizing your content for these devices is essential. 75% of mobile users expect to get the content instantly.

Powerful Introductions

Due to the limited space, you must prioritize the information at the beginning of the content. Most mobile users read a few sections, spending 3 minutes or less on a website.

User reading patterns

The eye-tracking data shows different patterns for users on computers and phones. Mobile users are more inclined to focus on one spot while scrolling through the page.

Summary or Highlights

The attention of mobile users is often limited. A summary that highlights your key ideas is perfect for them as they usually prefer to read only the relevant information.

Avoid Unnecessary Words 

Whether you write content for desktop or mobile, it is always best to keep your content simple. That is the best formula to assist the readability of posts in WordPress.

Add Images or Videos

Images and videos give your content a visual break, making it more "edible" and easier to read. 54% of users want to see more videos within content that they are interested in.

High Contrast Colors

Easy-to-read content will attract more readers. High contrast colors can enhance aesthetics. They also make information easier to read and create a better user experience.

Short Titles

Your title is the first introduction to your content, so it must be precise. It defines how you appear on the search results. Short and simple titles are easier to understand.

View Before Publishing

It is always a good idea to look at how your content will appear from a mobile user’s perspective. As a plus, it also helps at avoiding publishing content with typos.


Users spend a lot of time on mobile devices. So you need to create an enjoyable and engaging mobile experience. Content should be mobile-friendly and tailored to users' preferences.

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