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Jun. 14, 21

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In Agile?


Each project is unique

In Agile Development, each featured is tailored to your project, and you can make changes whenever you want.

Estimations can change

But each change can impact the estimations, which is why you can't get a fixed price.

How do estimations work?

In order to get a proper estimation you have to go to several crucial steps. 

1. Collecting initial requirements 

What is your goal – boost revenue f.ex. - how are you planning to reach it  and who is your target group? 

2. Project Scoping 

What features do you need, what is your budget and do you have a deadline  and does your agency see any limitations or constraints?

3. Wireframes

A wireframe is a visual representation to help you showcase your platform and collect feedback  

4. Requirements refinement 

Based on this feedback, are there features you didn't include but needed or vice-versa? 

5. Final estimations 

Final estimations are your cost expectations, if nothing changes during the development phase 

6. Scope Changes

Scope changes come after the official start of your project, but keep in  mind it can affect the final costs.

Be forthcoming and realistic 

Give your team all the information they need and don't expect a Ferrari at the price of a Fiat - be honest and be fair.

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