Jun. 08, 21

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What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is a preventive process throughout the entire life of your digital platform that helps avoid bad UX, bugs, and issues altogether.

1. QA saves you time and money 

QA testers “poke holes” in every user scenario so they help prevent potential problems, avoiding costs with later fixes

2. QA keeps your users happy 

QA keeps your users happy by ensuring they get the same excellent experience every single time they visit your platform.,

3. QA will prevent company crises 

QA is there to foresee and plan against major risks, so by implementing QA early on, you are sure to avoid many possible company crises.

4. QA for efficiency and productivity 

Through good QA, you save time and money and time on development, customer support, and more, so you are free to focus on growing your business; 

5. QA will boost your reputation 

Good QA makes for happy users, and happy users make for good marketeers that will spread the word and boost your popularity and reputation.

6. QA strengthens client relationships 

Happy users also make for loyal users, recurring, that will defend and promote your brand and will be forgiving when they do encounter a bug in the future.

7. QA will bring more profits 

Happy recurring customers require less marketing and sales efforts, fewer bugs need less development time, and all of this means more profit for your company.

Why you need QA in your life?

Quality assurance is an ongoing process that will ensure the success of your business. Are you willing to gamble with your customers' happiness?

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