May. 07, 21

Wiredelta presents


The Client - PM Relation 

It’s not easy to build a strong relationship with someone who is virtually a stranger. So here are 8 questions to start you on the right path

1. Are we clear of the goals? 

Project goals change or switch priority, so have a list that is updated at all times and that everyone has access to and communicate it to your project manager ASAP.

2. How are we communicating? 

Plan your communication channels in advance so, you and your project manager agree on how updates are communicated. 

3. What info is important?

Establish what “important updates” means for you, and what “important updates” means for your project manager and your team. 

4. How often to get updates? 

Decide how often do you want to be updated, and what do you do when you feel left out?

5. How to discuss changes

Changes are a key element of agile management and the sooner you communicate them the better.

6. Do we discuss progress?

Set up periodic meetings to discuss the project's progress - are you still on track, what are the next milestones and are we still on budget/deadline?

7. Can I do QA? 

YES! Most project managers will encourage you to be involved in the QA phase, so you personally  test everything and approved it. 

8. Can I trust my PM?

We don’t know, but you can trust that that every project manager who loves their job will do everything they can to see your project come alive.

A strong client-PM relation

1. Make a communication plan; 2. Have relaxed and non-formal meetings; 3. Have patience.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoyed it!