How Can Responsive Web Design Be A Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

December 12, 2021

By Adela


Responsive web design

Responsive web design helps you create a consistent user experience on every device using three main princicles.

1. Fluid Grids

The design is structured in rows and columns that shift and adapt based on the screen size.

2. Flexible visuals

This allows developers to crop images and other media depending on the screen size.

3. Media queries

Help the website detect the device used, and proportion content to fit the screen.

Advantages and Challenges of Responsive Design 

As with everything in the web development world, there are several advantages and disadvantages to responsive web design.

Advantage 1.  Save Costs

It is one consistent version that operates compatibly across the devices. Build once for each device, and maintain only one platform instead. 

Advantage 2. Effective SEO

Your content is available through one link on all devices, and you only need to optimize once.

Advantage 3. Consistent brand image 

A consistent website throughout all devices will help build your brand image.

Advantage 4. Optimized page speed

Responsive websites compress heavy files and reorder the loading process to ensure a faster result.

Challenge 1. Time consuming

While it's easier than building a desktop and mobile version, responsive web design is still quite time consuming.

Challenge 2. Affects your communication

Some elements might be hidden or changed on smaller devices, so your communication might be affected.

Responsive Web Design and Page indexing

Google favours responsive websites and having a responsive web design ensures every page is properly indexed. 

Responsive Web Design and SEO

Your SEO score also depends on responsive web design because a properly ranked website has higher credibility.


Responsive web design is not a thing to simply consider, it's a must have It affects your brand credibility and consistency, your user experience, and your overall Google rank. 

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