April 16, 21

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Consider this...

Are you looking to make your website or app bring more leads and revenue for your business, but you are also constantly running into limitations?

If so, you are not alone...

Many decision-makers are faced with the decision of continuing with their setup or moving on to a new solution that enables their business to grow.

When Choosing Growth

So, here are 7 situations where you might want to consider moving on and rebuilding your system to give your business a second chance.

1. It is difficult and costly to find developers... 

If your company uses a system that is built with old outdated technology, a.k.a a legacy system, maintenance is costly and time-consuming.

2. My website is crashing frequently 

Is your website or app slow, prone to errors, or simply crashing all the time? Then it is beyond repair or patching, and in need of a rebuild.  

3. My website is slower the more visitors I have 

If you have experienced a very rapid business expansion, you might find that your system is not ready for swift growth and needs to be replaced.

4. I can’t get my website to do what I need it to do 

You might choose a system because it’s convenient and affordable, but this setup has limited benefits for you and your customers. 

5. I am investing too much money in development...

Simply put, trying to salvage a legacy system or a system that just won’t let you scale your business will bring less value for you and your users 

6. My team needs help  from developers 

We decided to switch to WordPress to give more power to our Marketing team and make them less dependent on developers [...].” Jacob Pedersen, Digital Manager at EGN

7. I feel nervous about my website's security 

Security is an incredibly important aspect in every business, especially if you are dealing with sensitive user data like passwords, usernames, and so on.  

My system does not support the company’s growth 

The simplest, fastest, and most affordable solution, is a rebuild. A new solution will unlock features and benefits you previously didn’t have. 

Need assistance? 

Reach out to us and set up a free consultation where we can help you identify your challenges and what is the most optimal – and has the best value for money – solution for you