May. 27, 21

Wiredelta presents

Why is a DXP important?

A DXP is a long-term investment that will ease your workflow and improve the user experience for your customers. But how do you pick one?    

Start with a list

There's a number of questions and tasks that will facilitate your decision-making, but a good starting point is making a list of attractive DXPs.  

1. Assemble the Dream Team 

Include those who will be maintaining and managing it - marketers, developers, and possibly HR - as they could point out important requirements and conditions.  

2. Define your needs and goals 

What are your goals, how will a DXP help reach them, which features you require, what is your budget and organizational matters

3. Check the Reviews 

This one is obvious, but checking the reviews on each of them will help you to filter out the ones that are presumable not worthy of your time.  

4. Ask for Demos 

Have your team try the tools and get feedback and questions from them to create pros and cons lists for each DXP

5. Negotiate!

Don't take the initial price as set in stone. Negotiate first and then, you can weigh the offers and make a decision.    

6. Take your pick! 

Whether you initiate voting or have one appointed decision-maker, remember to take everyone's opinions into consideration.  

Must Haves

In this day and age, some things are a must in any Digital Experience Platform, such as honest communication, and transparency, as well as personalization, and security.


To pick the best DXP for: 1. Assemble the Dream Team  2. Define your goals  3. Check reviews  4. Ask for demos  5. Negotiate

Thank you, and we hope you enjoyed it!