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Jul. 19, 21

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1. Where do I start?

Start with making a few wireframes and test each version on focus groups to collect feedback.

2. Do I need a brand?

People take 3 seconds to form a first impression, so show them who you are, what makes you unique.

3. Choose the right tech

Choosing the right technology for your specific needs is important, so talk to  a professional before you start development.

4. Choose the right team

Small websites can be done by a freelancer, or DIY tools. For complex web apps you need a web agency or even your own team.

5. Mobile friendly or compatible?

Your website should be responsive, mobile friendly and compatible so it looks and performs great on any device.

6. Focus on your end-users

A/B tests, heatmaps, focus groups and other user tests provide essential information to help you build the platform your end-users need.

7. Security and compliance

Use encryptions, SSL certificates, safe login options, etc. and research user data regulations within your market, like GDPR.

8. After you publish the website

Don't allow your website to become outdated or deprecated, invest in continuous maintenance and updates.

9. Make sure Google sees you

Make sure your content and your technical SEO are on point and submit a sitemap and your links to the Google Search Console. 

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